Can I ask a few personal questions?  How much power do you give the scale? How often are you weighing yourself?

Here’s why I’m asking. A scale is a tool that gives you information. It’s data, and like all data, it has the potential to be useful. If you use it in a way that serves you and your goals.  Have you defined the role you want your scale to have (or not have) in your life?

I work with a lot of women who aren’t helped much by the scale. They’re held hostage by it. The number that it gives them makes or breaks their mood, their motivation, and even the way they feel about themselves. Some of them step onto their scale religiously, and others avoid getting near it because they dread how they’ll feel if they see the “results.”

A scale is just a tool. The weight it gives you is just a number. But it’s ruining a lot of days.

Do you use a scale? How do you feel about stepping on it? Are your feelings impacted by the numbers you see? Does your weigh-in change your day?

When it comes to weighing yourself, I’m a firm believer in defining an approach or a policy that serves you. I know there is no one right way that fits everyone. Interestingly, I meet a lot of very smart women who have never defined the relationship that they want to have with their scale.

If you own a scale, I highly recommend you take the time to decide how it can best serve you. How can that scale help you truly be and feel your best?

Are you someone who benefits from a monthly weigh-in (and if so, be sure you know how you benefit), or do you feel and function better when you don’t encounter the scale at all?

Many people use a scale to monitor their weight, and, there are many fit, thin, healthy women who haven’t weighed themselves in years.  You can decide to be happy today and it doesn’t have anything to do with a number on the scale, take back your power!

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