Board break to me signifies a symbol to the unconscious mind that IF you can Break a Board with your bare hands, what else in your life can you do? You see the Unconscious Mind uses and responds to symbols.  So for our board break the Obstacles are written on one side and Outcomes on the other side. Breaking through the obstacles to achieve those outcomes is what it signifies for me, it might signify something different for someone else, depending on their values, beliefs, attitudes and their model of the world….

As a Coach my mission is to get Results with my clients, notice i didn’t say for my clients as no one can get the results but YOU!  And with the proper guidance, techniques, resources and tools, you CAN get the results you want.  I’m always learning from others and I also learn from my clients.   Know that it is a “do with process”, Not a “do to process”.  If you are looking to get results in your life NOW, connect with me HERE for a free discovery session, I’d love to help you achieve the Results you want.  

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