“The electromagnetic field that the heart produces is 5000 times more powerful than that created by the brain.“
~ S. H. Buhner
Medical experts have discovered that recipients of heart transplants can actually feel the donor’s feelings and have flashes of past events of the donor’s life. Recipients have suddenly picked up a musical instrument that the donor used to play. Recipients have also drastically changed their eating habits based on the donor’s food preferences.
How is that possible? The heart is the first organ to develop and function in the fetus while the brain does not develop for another 70 days. Neuro-cardiologists are referring to the heart as the “second” brain since 60-65% of the heart is made of neurons, which are specific cells that carry messages to the brain and other parts of the body. Thus, the memories of the donors are stored in their heart and not just in their brain.
When you are physically or emotionally stressed, the rhythms of your heart are out of balance and not cohesive. This unbalanced energy pattern is communicated to every cell and organ of your body. Your body’s electromagnetic field is also affected and weakened. This “heart intelligence” plays a major role in your overall health.
If your thoughts are gloomy and negative, and if your holding on to negative emotions, your heart fields and your energy fields will be weakened. On the flip side, if you are enjoying a beautiful sunset, hugging someone you love or engaging in a calming activity like prayer or meditation, your heart field and energy will be stronger and balanced.
Why hold onto negative emotions, limiting decisions and beliefs? They only harm us and impact our lives negatively. Release them using Time Line Therapy (R) comment below with I’m ready and we can connect !

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