There I was, skeptical, curious and unaware totally about my own thoughts and how they actually create everything in my life!  How my thoughts create my emotions and my emotions create my state (sad state, happy state, motivated state, etc…).  I was quite depressed and stressed because of my career and juggling 2 kids.  I was overweight and ate for emotional reasons.  I had no idea we could get rid of negative emotions using a technique that Lynn said would work.  She said that we could work together short term for long term results.  This is why I was so skeptical… I use to see a therapist and was in counselling for many years which didn’t help me to resolve my issues.

Lynn worked with me for a total of 8 hours to do a breakthrough session.  We let go of Negative Emotions, and my limiting beliefs i had about myself like i’m not good enough, i don’t deserve to be happy, i can’t be successful.  I felt a sense of loss after a death in the family and we resolved the issues i had around this.  We did a technique called parts integration where she lead me to integrate my internal conflict so now i don’t have any, wow, how amazing is that!  I actually came to see her for weight loss and eating that was out of control and got so much more ~ i actually increased my income because of the work we did together.

I would totally recommend working with Lynn and letting go of what is holding you back.  I had no idea how my responses would change to outside stimulus after letting go of all that crap.  I feel like a totally different person. thank you again Lynn for the work you are doing and helping others…

Janice D.  Age 39

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