Thinking Outside the Old Box With NLP

Thinking Outside the Old Box With NLP


If you are even a modest consumer of mass media like the internet, television, cable TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and the like, there is a good chance your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes are not totally yours. Mass media spends billions of dollars on consultants who tell them how to make your thoughts be their thoughts. It is called Public Relations. Does it work? You bet it does! But it also homogenizes the thinking of the individual bringing the thinking to the level of “average.” And another way of saying “average” is “mediocre”.

Now, I don’t think that PR is bad. But the effect for you could be bad, because if you have the same thoughts, beliefs and attitudes as everyone else, you will produce the same results as the average person. Your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes will be average and so will your results. That can lead to the equivalent of a mental prison in an individual. Is that good for you? It depends on what you want. If you choose to be mediocre, surely it is good enough!

For me, I would rather be outstanding — I would rather stand out in some way so I am different from the average person. It does a lot of good to my self-esteem. It pushes me to learn more, to further develop, to make the best of “me” and help others in the process.

If I maintain this attitude, I know I can attract more positive attention than the average person. Therefore, I can think differently and I can truly be the magnificent person I am deep inside.

Now, you are also a magnificent person inside. Why choose the “average/mediocre” path? I tell you why: because you have been told so many times that this is all you can do that you believe it! And it is NOT TRUE! It is a false belief which does not even belong to you! Get rid of it and proceed to become truly magnificent!

That’s why our NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching trainings are different from the other trainings in the field. They are not average. They are different because we want you to leave at the end of the training thinking differently — differently from how you came in to the training and differently from how other people think. For hundreds of years that has been a great secret.

Jacob Boheme said in the 15th Century “In all things walk differently from the ways of the world.” That is the great secret.

We carefully design each moment of our NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching trainings with transformational moments planned with language and process skills deliberately to change your view from inside the old box to the freedom of thinking without the old constraints.

That is harder to do than to just teach NLP, but guess what? It is so much more effective and rewarding than to just teach content.

Our goal is to ignite the desire in each student to be who s/he really is and could be, and to throw open the door to the cell of the mental prison we have each built for ourselves and walk freely into the light of free thinking.

Be there and let’s together transform this planet one person at the time.


Article written by Dr. Tad James, brought to you by his student, Lynn Thier

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