Are you one of the people who say… “I want to eat healthy but… I love food too much”   I hear this all the time from my clients who are under the impression that healthy eating means starvation, deprivation and boring, tasteless food.

The way I do meal plan & prep is maintainable, not boring, and finds a balance between variety, amazing taste, and meals that burn fat.

I like it when I have guidelines to follow AND have some room to do my own thing and go off road from my plan every once in a while without feeling like I went “off track”.

Here’s an idea of the foods and recipes I chose for this week:  I started off my days with a green smoothie and either the choice of protein pancakes, an omelette, or protein berry smoothie.  I also put in my Plexus Slim Drink that helps to balance blood sugars. The protein smoothie is always convenient when in a hurry and need to be on the road!  Some times i do intermittent fasting and i don’t eat any food until Noon after my workout – i still have water with lemon essential oil and my coffee in the AM.

A few hours later, usually after a workout i’ll have a sugar free Greek yogurt with some fruit and a couple of nuts to balance things out for great food combining.  For lunch i might have some chicken and a large salad.  Mid afternoon if i’m feeling a little peckish i might indulge in a homemade protein square to hold me over until dinner time.  Dinner might be some lean protein with steamed veggies, a bean salad and sweet potato fries that are homemade and tasty!

Make sure to pick a day that you have a few hours to prepare and plan your meals for the week.  I usually pick Sundays to chop veggies up, maybe cook up some chicken to have on hand for stir frys and other dishes.

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To your health ~ Lynn Thier,  RHN


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