Hi Lynn,

I want to thank you for seeing me and working through my issues ~ I had been suffering with depression, low self esteem and anxiety for many years…  Since completing our breakthrough sessions, I’ve felt lighter and a sense of calmness… I’m not focusing on what i don’t want to happen anymore.  My attention is focused on what i want and since we let go of my limiting beliefs using Time Line Therapy i no longer believe that i can’t be successful, or that i’m not good enough.

I’m so much more aware of my projections – and what i believe about myself as i know even unconsciously, it is projected out onto others, even total strangers…. depression is gone, I feel happier, have more energy and am looking forward to life again!  I highly recommend anyone wanting to let go of that nagging problem you have, to connect with Lynn… she truly listens and gets to the deeper root of the problem with her styles of questioning…

Yours truly, Jane W. age 47.!

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