It is not hard to imagine how easy it is to fall into the trap of feeling “less than” or just plain “not good enough” since we all compare ourselves to the outside world or even because of self-created standards which we cannot ever attain. Don’t get me wrong – having standards and aiming high is a good thing. It allows you to act upon your aspirations, desires and wishes.

Self – Esteem

Unfortunately low self-esteem is not only an emotional problem – it can affect your health and ultimately your entire life. It can prevent you from pursuing the career, the relationship, the health you desire… It can lead to anxiety and stress which in turn have a direct and damaging effect on your health.

What Is Low Self Esteem?

• Is it lack of personal power?
• Lack of self-worth?
• Lesser social confidence?
• Fears & other negative thoughts?
• Social withdrawal?
• Depression and/or sadness?
• Inability to accept compliments?
• Inability to be fair to yourself?
• Being too self-conscious?
• Treating yourself poorly but always eager only to please others?
• Worrying what would people say?
• Unwillingness to go for the better job? Or a better relationship? Or a better car?
• Refusal to think of you first?
• Some of the above?
• All of the above?

When you look at our society and how many mental problems are diagnosed nowadays, and the number of people who are taking all sorts of medications for problems like Social Anxiety Disorder, the way our science has evolved today is to try and solve all these problems by means of chemical input – meaning you take a drug for a condition you have been diagnosed with. And that’s OK.

But there are other things you can do to help yourself in a different way, using other methods that are effective, fast and easy to do.  The good news is that there are simple techniques that everybody can learn to help yourself out of the riddle you find yourself in. Connect with me to discuss options and coaching that can work for you.  Short Term Therapy with Long Term Results!

Yours in health, Lynn Thier, RHN

Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy (R), NLP and Hypnosis!


  Make losing weight easy with hypnosis!

Are you ready to make the necessary shifts to get the results you desire for yourself?  I am here to help you!

Learning to make positive shifts, especially a shift in mindset are key to creating our best life.  Our mindset affects every area of our lives ~ If we are struggling in our personal lives, it will ultimately affect our business, career and relationships.  The techniques used truly is short term therapy with long term results.

Lynn has had several careers and a varied background in Social Services, Recruitment, Business and Sales as well as Health, Fitness & Nutrition for over 25 years.  She specializes in services for Businesses providing NLP Trainings, Corporate Values Alignment, Increase Sales, Weight Optimization & Fat Loss, Sport Performance, Chronic Pain, Quit Smoking, Releasing Negative emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Stress & PTSD.



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