“I originally came to see Lynn about losing weight, since she is a Registered Nutritionist & Personal Fitness Trainer.  At the time, I didn’t realize she was also trained in Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy ® & NLP.  She educated me on these techniques and we used them in my sessions.  What we found after our initial consult was the underlying reason, or root cause of my weight issue was childhood sexual abuse.  To me, fat = safe. and i ate for emotional reasons too. 

I had to release my negative emotions and especially fears in order to heal.  As a result, we released anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, depression, resentment, and with a plan in place, I no longer self sabotage or eat for emotional reasons.  Our last session, we did hypnosis where Lynn guided me into a relaxed state… from there, the suggestions she gave were all about healthy eating, raising my metabolisms and self esteem, self worth.  She really made me practice the red circle exercise and for me to know that i am worthy… i am totally worthy and enough.  I never thought i was i guess and this has made a hurge difference, to have released that limiting belief of not being enough…

I’ve lost 40 lbs and am more at peace than ever before.  My anxiety has lifted as well as my moods.  I sleep better and have more energy now, thank you Lynn.”  Sandra T. Moncton

Lynn Thier, RHN

Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy (R), NLP and Hypnosis!


Make losing weight easy with hypnosis!

Are you ready to make the necessary shifts to get the results you desire for yourself?  I am here to help you!

Learning to make positive shifts, especially a shift in mindset are key to creating our best life.  Our mindset affects every area of our lives ~ If we are struggling in our personal lives, it will ultimately affect our business, career and relationships.  The techniques used truly is short term therapy with long term results.

Lynn has had several careers and a varied background in Social Services, Recruitment, Business and Sales as well as Health, Fitness & Nutrition for over 25 years.  She specializes in services for women and teens with mental health issues, with businesses providing NLP Trainings, Corporate Values Alignment, Increase Sales, Weight Optimization & Fat Loss, Sport Performance, Chronic Pain, Quit Smoking, Releasing Negative emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Stress & PTSD.



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