Fun Fit Thursdays with CoachLynn!

Hello beauties…here is another great and yes, short workout for you! Depending on your fitness level, you can repeat each round from 3 to 10 times. Burn Fat, exercise your heart, increase muscle and increase your serotonin for good mental health! Starting out...

Bell Let’s Talk ~ My Mental Health Story

My story – Those who have been hurt the most, offer the greatest opportunity to help heal ~ Lynn Thier So, I’ve often thought, if i speak my truth ~ what will people think of me?  Will I be loved and accepted or judged and rejected?  Dr. Brown spoke at a Ted...
Struggling with Foods, Moods & Health Issues?

Struggling with Foods, Moods & Health Issues?

Are you struggling with weight, allergies, depression, anxiety or diabetes? What we put into our bodies affects us physically, mentally and emotionally.  Discover a plan to get you on track today. When it comes to Holistic Nutrition & Weight Loss – here’s MY...

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