Many women ask me… Lynn, how do i get a flat tummy?  Well 80% of it is through a proper and balanced diet. Eliminate the bad fats, processed foods and high carb meals. Do include healthy fats, avocado, nuts, seeds, as well as lots of veggies and low glycemic fruit such as green apples and berries… Include lean protein sources, especially after you workout.

Today we are focusing on abs and the first exercise is a basic roll up, sit up or crunch… Second exercise is our plank on the elbows, hold it as long as you can and repeat it a few times… third exercise on your back is a scissor kick, and our last exercise is a plank on the hands and bringing the knee to the outside of the elbow… keeping the core nice and tight.

I teach part time at Kingswood Fitness and we have many classes to choose from, if you live in the Fredericton area, why not join us for a class?

Need a program or a trainer? connect with me HERE.  I’d love to help you reach your goals.

Lynn Thier,  RHN, Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy (R) and Hypnosis

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