Monday is the start of the week and it has always been the unspoken enemy of people who totally enjoyed their weekends. We either love or hate Mondays, don’t we?  It is a known fact that we really can’t get rid of Mondays and people need to get up and pretty much drag their ass out of bed.  Monday mornings are the most dread moment of the week. It is the sign that a new work week has to start and that we must say goodbye to the bliss, relaxation and comfort of the weekend.

Remember that Mondays should be welcomed with, enormous hope and a tank full of energy. With that said, I encourage you to begin your week with gratitude, optimism and enthusiasm.  If your feeling just the opposite, do one of the following to help you kick start your week.

  1.  Start each morning with writing 7 to 10 things you are grateful for.
  2. Visualize yourself in your happiest place.  Go back to a time when you were falling down laughing.  What was the event?  What did you see, hear and feel?  Go back now and relive it.  It will make you smile.
  3. Plan a few minutes of fun during your day.  Have something to look forward to…
  4. Exercise and move your body.  Physical activity first thing in the morning will not only burn calories, it will energize your body and mind for the rest of the day!

Get your week off to a great start and implement these 4 tips today!  To your health and sanity!

About Lynn

Lynn Thier, RHN, Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy (R) and Hypnosis.  Registered Nutritionist & Trainer

Are you ready to make the necessary shifts to get the results you desire for yourself?  I am here to help you!

Learning to make positive shifts, especially a shift in mindset are key to creating our best life.  Our mindset affects every area of our lives ~ If we are struggling in our personal lives, it will ultimately affect our business, career and relationships.  The techniques used truly is short term therapy with long term results.

Lynn has had several careers and a varied background in Social Services, Recruitment, Business and Sales as well as Health, Fitness & Nutrition for over 25 years.  She specializes in services for women and teens with mental health issues, with businesses providing NLP Trainings, Corporate Values Alignment, Increase Sales, Weight Optimization & Fat Loss, Sport Performance, Chronic Pain, Quit Smoking, Releasing Negative emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Stress & PTSD.


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