Fun Fit Friday ~ Beginner Workout

This workout is for beginners, focusing on legs and shoulders.  Proper form is important and remember to go at your own pace.  Use light weight or no weight in the beginning and work your way up.  Perform the exercises 2 to 3 times with 10 to 20 repetitions.  Have...
Its Springability Time ~ New Season, New YOU!

Its Springability Time ~ New Season, New YOU!

WELCOME to SPRING!   Its a new season and a time to reboot, refresh and rev it up a notch.  First of all, how are you doing?  Its been 3 months since the new year started and its 3 months until summer.  Where are you now and what are you looking to achieve in the near...
Mindset Monday – Tips & Tricks

Mindset Monday – Tips & Tricks

Do you find yourself competing on a daily basis?  We compete for jobs, clients, money, attention, love, connection and in some places people are competing for water and food.  Drew Canole talks about this “Don’t Compete, Complete…” Lets stop...

Could living with less make you Happier & Less Depressed?

Are you happy? Do you feel your life has purpose and meaning each day when you wake up? If the answer is not a resounding yes, have you given thought as to what might be blocking you? Could it be that you have too much Crap or just stuff that you don’t really...

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