Tomorrow is the launch of my first book called ‘Your Life Matters” and i’ll be posting inserts from the book tomorrow for the launch. It will be on sale for 1 day only, the kindle version is just 99 Cents US.

So, today, i’m posting a workout video for you to do – keep your body and mind focused, increase your feel good hormones and get it done!

It”s a leg and butt focused workout that you can combine with many other videos that i have provided absolutely free! Just go to my website and go to BLOG, then video blog to see all the workouts for you!

Basic Squat OR Jump Squat, remember to land with soft knees to minimize any impact. Next – forward lunge to side lunge (one leg at a time), Lunge and hop (one leg at a time). Repeat this sequence anywhere from 3 to 8 times depending on your fitness level. You can also combine it with a short hitt cardio workout for max fat burning!





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