Thank you for joining me for the launch of my first book “Your Life Matters, Shit Happens, Now What?”.  I’ll be posting exerts throughout the day from the book.  Its on sale today only for just 99 cents US.  Get it HERE!

“I’ve been through a lot over the years, and I’m always learning and searching for self development and self improvement.  I’d love to know… What’s your story?  Your programming running in the background in your unconscious mind?  We all have a story and we live out that story through the programs that we were taught.  Our environment, values, beliefs, attitudes, memories and the stories we tell ourselves, our limiting beliefs that limit us from being what we were meant to be.

Have you ever thought to yourself I’m just not enough?  I’m not good enough, smart enough, tall enough, skinny enough, motivated enough or confident enough to be able to do xyz?  I certainly have in the past and I’ve found techniques to help me overcome.

I had to realize myself that the people around me do not determine my success or my potential, I do.  Like the saying goes if it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.  That is so true, it is up to me and up to you too to realize your capabilities and potential.  Other people’s opinions and beliefs do not determine what you can and can’t do.

I’m sure some will read my story and be very supportive and others may be critical.  I’m ok with that.  Sometimes we have to slip on our big girl panties and just say fuck it.  It doesn’t matter what others think.  At 45, I think I can handle it.

Some of us have allowed people’s limiting beliefs to be placed upon us.  In the past I can remember my mother saying, “Oh Lynn, you can’t do that, you can’t go to university, you don’t have the grades.”  I didn’t have the grads because as a teenager, while in high school, I didn’t apply myself.  I didn’t care about myself or my future.  I was so wrapped up in my own misery that I wasn’t able to see the possibilities.

So, I didn’t go to university, I went to community college in Ottawa instead and because I was finally studying something I was interested in, counselling, psychology and corrections, I was on the dean’s honor roll.  I’ve been back to school countless times over the past 20 years pursuing interests along with healing myself in my own time on this journey called life.

Much of it comes down to mindset … There has been much research done on mindset, in particular, Carol Dweck, the Lewis and Virginia Eaton Professor of Psychology at Stanford University, published a book called Mindset:  The New Psychology of Success. “

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About the Book: “Your Life Matters” tells the story of an unlikely leader—recovered from debilitating mental illness—and a uniquely qualified Therapist, on a seemingly impossible mission. Her aim is to mitigate human suffering and open doors to limitless possibility. Filled with compelling lessons, learning’s and the power to change & transform lives, Your Life Matters is a story that you will not want to miss.

Your Life Matters ~ is a book that doesn’t shy away from anything. Real, Raw and Authentic… It covers day-to-day truths like what could possibly be the root cause? From Trauma & Significant Emotional Events to Hormonal and Food Allergies could be the culprits. You’ll discover how food, supplements, sleep, sex and even our thoughts affect every aspect of our lives. It delves into the deep dark places, and talks about how to go from surviving to thriving in one’s life.

Throughout the book, Lynn openly tells of her own story and struggle with trauma and depression. She writes with a clear, no-nonsense style and the genuine empathy of someone who’s lived with depression. Her passionate and to the point approach gets people talking, and pulls depression out into the light. Its time to step outside the box and learn new and innovative ways to overcome mental health issues… Whether you deal with anxiety & depression or know someone who does, this is the book to get so you can learn the tools and techniques to overcome depression & anxiety for life!
In this book, you’ll discover:

* Enjoyable new ways to instantly feel better, and happier
* How to release negative emotions and limiting belief’s that are keeping you stuck
* How thoughts create our reality and you’ll learn ways to gain control of your unconscious mind
* How to use self hypnosis to lift depression & anxiety now
* How to harness the food – mood – move connection for relief now
* How to develop life long healthy habits so you can thrive in your life and much, much more!

If you have a network of friends, family, colleagues or clients, this could be a book that may benefit someone in the areas of Mental and Physical health.

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