To succeed in anything meaningful takes commitment. It’s only when you tackle something difficult that you discover what it means to be so committed that you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goal.  Are you committed to achieving what you want for yourself? for your career, family? or for your relationship?

For something to be difficult doesn’t necessarily mean that you lack capability. It might be difficult because you’re busy with other things. It might be difficult because it conflicts with other priorities. It might be difficult because it’s actually quite a dull job, but you’ve promised someone that you’ll do it.

Real commitment is what keeps us going late into the night, working on something that HAS to be finished and there isn’t another opportunity before the deadline. It’s what keeps us focused and motivated even when we’re tired and ready to sleep. For some people, it’s what gets us out of bed unusually early in the morning or gets us to break a routine for the sake of the important task.  I’m up and out of bed heading to the gym because i’m committed to keeping fit and healthy.

So today, ask yourself, what elements of your health, business or job are you so committed to, that you will do whatever it takes to see them done properly? And what elements of the work are you less committed to, so that you will allow them to be done late, badly or not at all?

Then consider, what can you do about the areas where you lack commitment? Can you delegate? Can you change your attitude? Can you change the product or service you offer?

Think about it. Lack of commitment is infectious. Depending on which context of life you’re focusing on… If you’re not really committed to what you’re doing, it might rub off on your spouse, kids, customers, colleagues or staff…

Get Clear, Get Focused, Get Results!

To your health, results and success,

Lynn Thier

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