NLP is an extremely powerful concept used to enhance self development and move towards personal transformation.  NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Originally created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970s.

The unconscious mind is a powerful part of you’ it’s where your thoughts, your behaviors, your thinking, your memories, your habits… your entire model of the world lives from this magical and mystical place! It has taken in every detail of everything you have ever seen, done, heard, smelt, tasted. Isn’t that amazing?
NLP therapy and coaching is extremely effective, because rather than just using questioning skills to get you talking about something, other techniques can be used to help you change your behavior and your thinking. This allows you to be released from the negative memories, thoughts or feelings that are holding you back from making progress. Another process I use with clients is Time Line Therapy(R) releasing negative emotions at root cause as well as limiting beliefs.
There are many names for the techniques used in NLP, however, most of the time the therapist/coach will be creative in how they help you re-wire past detrimental thought patterns and behaviors and help you create new ones.
Your mind and your body are connected, and your emotions will always communicate and reveal themselves through your body language and feelings. Sometimes, you are not even consciously aware of how you are expressing yourself. However, 90 percent of our communication is picked up and internalized through our body language. So, you could say something to someone linguistically, but your body language may be saying something completely different! Your body language is the window to the unconscious mind!

What is NLP Demo Fun?  This is where i will explain the concepts as well as pick people in attendance to do demo’s on!


If you are someone who is curious and would like to get rid of a particular food that is giving you trouble.  Ex:  ice cream specifically or a type of chocolate bar specifically.  it doesn’t work with getting rid of sugar since sugar is in almost everything!  This is a Like to Dislike technique.
If you have a minor negative habit you want to change… Ex:  Biting your fingernails.  We can get rid of this quite easily in about 10 to 15 minutes.
If you have difficulty with getting motivated and find yourself procrastinating much of the time.  We have a technique called “Chaining Anchors” to take you from procrastination to motivation!
If you have Negative Emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Fear… I will pick someone to demo Time Line Therapy(R)
If you have Limiting Beliefs such as i’m not good enough, smart enough, i can’t do ….. We do Time Line Therapy(R) to get rid of limiting beliefs and we insert a new belief… what you want to believe instead!
If you have a limiting belief however, you only believe it to be true part of the time, then there’s internal conflict… part of you feels one way, and another part of you feels the opposite.  We do a technique called “Parts Integration” for internal conflict to become whole again.   For example, part of me thought i was a good mom and part of me felt guilty for decisions i made in the past, so part of me felt i wasn’t a good mother.  After integrating this internal conflict, i feel differently and know that i did the best i could at the time and i am a good mother.
Limited space available – It is 10.00 to attend.  Please register with me here:
Thursday June 22nd at 6:15pm  Jim Gilbert’s wheels and deals boardroom!  402 St Mary’s St.
To your health & success,
Lynn Thier

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