Employee mental health and mental fitness is not just something that is nice to have, its down right a necessity.  Your employees wellness & mental health affects not only their productivity but your bottom line as well.

Wouldn’t you like to slash premiums and disability claims as well as cut down on absenteeism while boosting productivity, efficiency and employee moral?

Firstly, promote work-life-balance.  Not only will productivity and morale increase, but your employees will be happier and have increased job satisfaction as well. Offering flexible hours or work-from-home arrangements, for example, can enable your employees to reduce their stress by being able to manage their home lives more efficiently.

Second – Create a non judgmental environment for all.  Employees with mental health issues often struggle in silence due to the stigma that surrounds them, especially for fear of being judged or penalized. By creating an open and non-judgmental environment, and working to squash the stigma in the workplace, you can help your employees feel more comfortable and safe about opening up. This can allow them to get the help they need.

Third – Encourage your employees to move and exercise.  Physical fitness improves not only a person’s body weight, energy and strength, it also releases hormones to help boost mood.  Exercise releases endorphin’s that can reduce stress, anxiety and even help with depression.  You can encourage employee mental wellness by creating exercise initiatives at the workplace & allow for longer lunches to give employees time to exercise and shower.  Being flexible with allowing employees to come in early or stay late so they have extra time to exercise over the lunch hour.

Fourth – Many companies have vending machines and “treats’ for their employees that are high in sugar, refined carbs and fat.  If you bring in food, why not make them healthy choices without the sugar crash 30 min later. Stock up on Fruit/Veggies/Nuts/Seeds.

Encouraging employee mental wellness doesn’t have to be costly or cumbersome…but it could help your bottom line.  Using techniques that work with the unconscious mind get fast results.  NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy(R).

Lynn Thier

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