This workout is not typically for beginners. You can modify and step back instead of jumping if you choose. Here I will show you 6 different burpee exercises. You can do 3 to 10 rounds depending on your fitness level!

Work for 30 seconds and take a 15 second rest in between exercises. Physical Fitness will not only help you to trim down, tone up….it will also help with your mental fitness and mental health. Suffering from stress, anxiety or depression? Move your body and feel the benefits exercise has on your mental health!

front burpees, side burpees, scissor burpees, 2 jacks into burpee, burpee-jump squat, burpee-jump squat over and 2 jacks turn around and repeat!

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About Lynn:

Lynn Thier will get you there ~ with practical cutting edge methods for making positive shifts, change and performance.  Owner of Results Coaching, Consulting & Training, Lynn teaches and consults on how to make change happen.  Lynn offers seminars, training’s and programs. Lynn also works with individuals suffering with mental health issues such as Anxiety, Depression & Trauma.  Connect today ~

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