If you’re struggling in any way with stress, anxiety, depression… the best thing you can do is move your body! it not only will change your physiology, it will change your brain!

Only 4 exercises…. You can repeat this workout anywhere from 3 to 10 times depending on your fitness level. Do the exercise for 30 seconds with a 15 second rest in between.

Toe touch jacks, Plant with knee in alternating, burpees and seated twists.

I teach parents and their children how to cope and deal with anxiety once and for all.  I use NLP Coaching, and Time Line Therapy to teach kids and adults alike on how to go into their future time line to get rid of their anxiety…  It usually only takes 2 to 4 sessions!  If you would like to book a consultation and learn more, please reach out.

About Lynn:

Make losing weight easy with hypnosis!

Lynn Thier will get you there ~ with practical cutting edge methods for making positive shifts, change and performance.  Owner of Results Coaching, Consulting & Training, Lynn teaches and consults on how to make change happen.  Lynn offers seminars, training’s and programs. Lynn also works with individuals suffering with mental health issues such as Anxiety, Depression & Trauma.  Connect today ~ www.lynnthier.com

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