Stress is what happens when the demands on our time and energy exceed our perceived capacity. When we have what we need to adapt effectively, this stimulus for change leads to growth.  When we don’t have or don’t think we have the resources we need to meet the expectations or tasks of our day, our brains shift into survival mode. Unfortunately, this usually means we’re stuck in a fear state, pumping out stress hormones that we don’t actually use, building up toxic inflammation in our body that breaks us down over time and blocks our ability to problem solve effectively.  AH stress!

By using humor strategically, and actually planning time to experience things you find funny on a regular basis, you build a mental muscle that is more in tune to the humor of your day. Just like anything else you pay attention to, you experience more of what you focus your mind to see. We are bombarded with 11 million bits of info per second.  Our brains can only handle 126 bits per second.  Which 126 bits are you focusing on?  Chose to change your lenses and focus on a different 126 bits!

So if you want to have more fun, play, and laughter in your life, why not be proactive about putting things in your path that will shift you in that direction. Here are a few quick techniques to do:

1) Share a funny image with a friend every day via text message and have a laugh…

2) Add a funny cartoon to your email signature.

3) Create a funny playlist with videos you enjoy to watch during your morning and afternoon recharge break.

4) Go on a walk and look for things to find funny and humorist.

5) Find a funny podcast or YouTube channel to listen to each evening to reset your brain to relax.  Laughter creates feel good endorphins and also helps with depression and anxiety!

The best way to create a new habit is to enlist the support of a friend, so ask someone to be your humor buddy and commit to share things you find funny as often as you can. Each time you receive your humor nudge you’ll be reminded to stop and reflect, and when you share you’ll not only find funny yourself you’ll know that you’re contributing to help recharge someone you care about.

The more we commit to shift our stress for good, the more positive and calm our world will become. Little neural nudges can make a big difference when we’re all practicing together. And the more we can all see funny, the better we can collaborate to solve the stress of the world.

To your stressless life – be well and have fun!

My name is Lynn and I’m a thriver – from sexual abuse and suicide to thriving in life and helping others do the same.  I use NLP Coaching, and Time Line Therapy to teach kids and adults alike on how to go into their future time line to get rid of their anxiety… I provide breakthrough sessions lasting 6 to 10 hours to help get rid of negative emotions and limiting beliefs – that nagging problem could be gone in a short time using specific modalities that work with our unconscious mind… book your consultation today!

About Lynn:

Make losing weight easy with hypnosis!

Lynn Thier will get you there ~ with practical cutting edge methods for making positive shifts, change and performance.  Owner of Results Coaching, Consulting & Training, Lynn teaches and consults on how to make change happen.  Lynn offers seminars, training’s and programs. Lynn also works with individuals suffering with mental health issues such as Anxiety, Depression & Trauma.  Connect today ~

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