That’s right, its Monday and many of you are dreading the day ahead – Just get through it you say to yourself…. But Why?  Lets change things up and have a little FUN FEST!

GET Moving – One of the best things you can do for yourself, I’ve always said this – is to move your body – yes, exercise and get those endorphin’s going… When we move our body our physiology changes as well as our BRAIN!  Feeling tired, anxious, maybe even a little down or depressed?  MOVE – force yourself to do it.  Doesn’t mean you need to go to the gym – get outdoors, walk, hike, swim, skip, play, and have fun doing it.

Laugh at yourself!

The second best thing you can do for yourself is to laugh!

We don’t have to take life seriously, all the time. We sometimes find ourselves in a ridiculous or awkward situation. Instead of blaming ourselves or thinking how we messed up. why don’t we just laugh about it and move forward? That way, you can let go of the negativity that surrounds a negative situation. And start radiating a positive aura by laughing at yourself. If you can afford to laugh at yourself, you can start sharing laughter with others.

Watch a funny movie, get a comedy and laugh… Be happy,  It takes a positive mind to unlock the keys of success and happiness. You can chose to be happy, one positive step at a time!

To your health, results and success!  I’m CoachLynn

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