The mental side of sport is receiving more and more coverage and attention by the media, by players, managers and coaches. Sport Psychology has failed to have the impact that many believed it originally would as most of the current information is mainly in books which are often too theoretical and technical and thus not really appropriate.

Attitudes are changing with many top experts in sport agreeing that the mental side of competition is exceedingly important. Billy Jean King said “more matches are won internally than externally”. Many of the top athletes, go so far as to suggest that, on the day of competition, their “focused confidence”, “mental toughness” or just plain “belief in myself” is the deciding factor. Graeme Le Saux, the England football International says “So much of football is a mind game… so I go on to the field in a positive frame of mind”.

So what is the difference between the world beaters and the wannabeaters? Are these people just blessed with a better genetic makeup? Are they luckier? Or is there more to this than meets the eye?

In our work using NLP and modelling top athletes, we have seen some consistent patterns. It is not possible to cover all of these in this article. We will concentrate on what is arguably the most important element in the mental makeup of world champions.

In reality, at the highest levels of modern sport there is so little to separate performers in terms of technical competence or physical fitness. But when it comes down to the beliefs which athletes have in their ability to be better than the rest, to excel and be successful regardless of circumstance, there is a huge gap between top performers and the rest of the sporting pack.

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