In my training and coaching practice, I come across many individuals who are bright, intelligent and capable, however they feel stuck in problems and situations that seem to hold them back for years. It’s sad to see them question their own capabilities and Limit their own potential.

If you ask your loved ones, Do you think I am successful? Am I worthy of the things I seek? Do I deserve great things in life? Their answer is usually a strong resounding ‘YES’.  You may have those supporters who love you and want you to believe in yourself….

So what’s the problem? Why then are you sitting in a corner, filled with self-doubt and feel as though you are drowning? Why are you feeling stuck, confused and helpless? Why then are you reserved about reaching for more, afraid of asking for something better, bigger in life?  Are you living a life of disappointment, discontentment, self-depreciation and fake confidence?

Ask yourself…why? Is it really others who hold me back? Is it really the lack of resources? OR could it be something else?

The truth is that there is nothing standing between you and your glorious life but ‘YOUR SELF’.
The truth is bitter, isn’t it? No one likes to hear that ‘YOU ARE THE REASON, yet, you know it!

Deep in your heart, a little voice, so little that it speaks right to your unconscious mind, keeping you in the dark. It asks questions and makes comments that poison you, putting you down, sabotaging your actions, weakening your spirit.

The little voice that questions

Am I worthy of all this love? Do I really deserve a magnificent life? Am I really good? What will others think? What if I am wrong?

The little voice that mocks

Who are you kidding. Come to your senses. Don’t be stupid. You are lucky to even have this. Don’t be greedy! This is all you deserve!

The little voice that compromises

Your dreams are too big. You will never make it. It’s too difficult. You have tried this before. Be happy with what you have!

That little voice. That little sleazy, disgusting, discouraging, disoriented voice, Taking control over you. Stopping you. Killing your future.

So the truth here, my dear friends, is that no matter what others say, how much they think you deserve, how much they encourage you, it is you, your little voice that will ultimately take charge. If you really what to breakthrough to a whole new level, beyond your doubts, to a life full of confidence, respect, worthiness, high self-esteem, and abundance, you have to begin with changing the nature of your inner voice!

And how am I to do that? You may ask…

Can I ask it to shut up?
Can I ignore it?
Can I supersede it with positive thoughts?
Can I erase it forever?  sometimes you have to just say :shut the fuck up! OR Cancel, clear, delete!

How do you stop this persistent self-sabotaging voice?

Learn about your unconscious mind – how it works, what it can do for you and begin there…

Focus on your strengths, your accomplishments, & your power!

Weaken the voice with proof of all the great things you have said, done or accomplished in the past.

AND ‘Take action despite what the voice says’.

If you are weak today, your negative inner voice will be stronger. As you take action and do things that you never thought you could do or did not deserve, you prove to the little inner voice that it is wrong and you are right. You become stronger than the voice.  And as you keep doing this, one day you will notice that the nature of your inner voice has changed..

Allow your inner voice to be your ally… It supports you, it encourages you, it comforts you.

And till you get there… Keep taking action despite all odds. Because deep down you know, you are worth it!  and you are ENOUGH – Good enough, smart enough ….You can win over what you think and feel about yourself.  Begin your inner journey of victory now, because you’re worth it!

Lynn Thier – Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP Coaching, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy(R) Techniques.  Connect today to get the results you want tomorrow!

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