Overwhelm and overload are recipes for overeating – emotional eating in particular. When you’re busy and stressed, food becomes more tempting. Food can (temporarily) calm, numb, reward, and distract us all at the same time. When we’re stressed or overloaded, our brain is tapped out and we’re vulnerable to making the decision we don’t want to.

Emotional eating & overeating can increase during the holidays because there are more tempting treats; and because it’s a time of year that many people feel more stress and overwhelm.

One way to escape the trap is to focus on quality over quantity. Quality time with loved one’s and friends, quality sleep, quality rest, quality nutrient dense foods to nourish our bodies and our minds. Our multi-tasking, consumer-driven society would have you believe that more is always better…not true.

Five pounds lost with ease and left behind forever, feels better than ten pounds lost in a fast that you know will come back as soon as your willpower fades and you eat bread again.

overwhelmed, overloaded, and overeating is not helping you!

This season, commit to being present, enjoying the moment, doing less… and stop “shoulding” all over yourself.

Here’s today’s action step:

Make a list of three things, obligations, expectations you have,  Be honest,  Now, find a way to either eliminate them (say “no,” delegate, or simply cross them off your list), or limit the time and energy they will take in your life.  You are worth it!

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