Now that both my parents are gone, i admittedly find the holidays a bit difficult and sad.  I remember my dad always having friends over and going to midnight mass Christmas Eve.  Mom always had a beautiful dinner and loved to have company over. 

While many view the winter holidays as a wonderful time of the year — after the death of a loved one, these occasions are not only less wonderful, but can also be stressful and depressing for many.

Grief can be an “emotional roller coaster” — one day you’re up and the next day you’re down — and feelings of loss can sweep over you unexpectedly at any time; dealing with grief and loss during the holidays can be tough.

Some tips to help you navigate the holidays while grieving include: Be gentle with yourself; listen to your body and your emotions; seek out activities and people that make you happy; learn to say no; and talk about how you’re feeling if that’s what works for you.  

You can also use time line therapy techniques to release negative emotions, hypnotherapy for stress or depression might be very useful as well as the Emotional Freedom Techniques, a healthy diet, daily exercise, proper sleep, meditation and supplements to help you cope with holiday stress.  

While some aspects of the holidays are changed forever due to the absence of your loved one, you can remember and honor them by creating new rituals.  Remember to look after yourself, your health and well-being.

To your health, results and success!  Lynn Thier, RHN

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