Are you curious about hypnosis and hypnotherapy?  Would you like to have a  Lunch & Learn session where we will be busting some myths to really discover what hypnotherapy is and how it can benefit you!

Hypnotherapy can have an impact on many areas of your working life and in business, helping to increase both efficiency, productivity, motivation and output. To discover the benefits and impact that hypnotherapy can have,Lynn Thier will be taking your team through what hypnotherapy means, how it can positively affect you, as well de-bunking any myths that may exist!

Lynn is a qualified Hypnotherapist & Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy.  She is a member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy…. and helps clients in dealing with unwanted habits, stresses and more, to create so much more of what they want in their lives. Lynn wants to help people understand what Hypnotherapy actually is and highlight how it can be one of the most beneficial forms of ‘self help’ that can help you to develop.

Sessions will be an interactive, as well as learning more about hypnotherapy there will also be an opportunity to experience it. Sharon will take the audience through a 15 minute relaxation exercise to demonstrate what a hypnotherapy session looks like and the benefits that can be felt from it.

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