Let me ask you…

  • What would it feel like if you felt good about yourself no matter what an outcome might be?
  • What would it feel like if you actually BELIEVED you were good enough, worthy, deserving?
  • What would it feel like if you no longer had the fear of being humiliated or of failing?
  • What would it feel like to be confident in your abilities?

Who has ever heard that “voice” in the back of your head – you know the one, that negative, critical, downright rude or even abusive thoughts or self talk?  Believe it or not it was the part of your mind that is designed to keep you safe! It is our instinctual, reactive, protective mind called the Unconscious mind. The other part of the mind called the Conscious is the part that is reading this information, understanding it, and thinking and choosing logically while you are awake. The conscious mind is vast and can do so much. However, the unconscious mind is the part that controls our automatic behaviors, habits, how we feel, how we respond to situations before we can think consciously; it’s the part that stores all of our habits, insecurities, and unconscious thoughts.

AnxietyWhy would the part of our mind that was designed to protect us, become so negative and self destructive at times? Well, simply put it starts when are born. We are completely open, pure and just love! Then we have to start living and surviving in the world. We are inundated with information from the moment we take our first breath as to how to survive and be safe in our environment. We learn  from our parents, teachers, relatives, TV, other people around us, etc.

Just think about what we were taught by surroundings…. “Don’t touch that, don’t think that, Don’t cross the street without us, you’ll get run over, You can’t do that yet, you’re not big enough, smart enough, tall enough, deserving enough, Failure is BAD so don’t do it unless you can be perfect!”  This becomes our inner voice to keep us surviving and it still plays when we are adults. The situations may change but the underlying inner voice of “can’t, shouldn’t, should, don’t deserve it, not worth it, etc.” unconsciously drives your life!

You can “UPDATE” Your Inner Voice!

What you may not know is that we can UPDATE this voice just like we can update a computer hard drive. Using the computer metaphor, the conscious mind is similar to the screen, that’s what we are focused on in that moment. The unconscious mind is similar to the hard-drive which holds all of the memory, programs, and ALLOWS us to do what we want to do.

If you want to go for an interview, or talk to someone you are attracted to, or take a chance of any kind, instinctually the red-alert “danger, danger” flags of the unconscious come up as it should because you have no idea what the outcome might be. So it starts giving the programs you have stored: depending on your past experience, you might hear – “you’ll fail for sure.” “You’ll look like a fool, you’re stupid, you’re not good enough for that job/girl/guy, etc.”

So, if you’re like most, you can’t stand that voice because it holds you back from even trying sometimes or in any event it just creates a lot of negativity and wastes energy even before anything happened! Then you logically try to convince yourself that “I’m worth it, I’m good enough, I can do it, I have confidence, etc.” And unfortunately, nothing positive happens except the voice answers back, “NO YOU’RE NOT!”

What happens if you try to create a beautiful picture on your computer one day….but you DO NOT have the software/program in your hard-drive? NOTHING!! You can try all you want, search for it, click every button, etc. but you are not going to be able to create that picture.

Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy Opens the Door

bigstock-Mature-businessman-shaking-han-14508995Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy are ways that can successfully open the doorway to the unconscious mind. It can bring you into a deep relaxed state of mind in which you can “update” your programs to include  beliefs such as: “I am good enough, smart enough, I am beautiful, I am confident, I am a risk taker because failing is NOT bad—it can lead me to more success than I could have ever imagined!”  You can’t convince or think yourself into more Self Esteem and Self Confidence—YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE IT AND FEEL IT from the inside out!

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