Have you heard about the anecdote – the frog in hot water.  well, it states that if a frog is placed in hot water, it will instantly jump out, but if it’s placed in cold water that is slowly heated, it will not perceive the danger and be slowly cooked to death.

Now, this is just a metaphor… but I do think the story has some powerful lessons that we can learn from.  Are you boiling in hot water and don’t even know it?

If things in your life aren’t going the way you want, you might just be a frog in hot water. That’s OK. Step one to getting out of hot water is all about awareness and actually KNOWING that you’re in it. Check in with yourself !

How’s Your Body Feeling?

Our bodies, are super at telling us if we’re in hot water.

The problem is, we often don’t pay attention  And when they do finally get our attention, we come up with all sorts of reasons why its hurting..

“Well, I feel terrible because I have a cold, pain in my back,” or, “Well, I was diagnosed with X medical condition,” so i don’t sleep well.

We rarely stop and ask ourselves WHY?   “Why did my body breakdown and develop this disease/condition?” “Why didn’t I sleep well last night?”

Its easy to blame outside conditions when in actually, we create everything, even unconsciously.

Look deeper and you’ll find it starts with stress, not taking time for yourself,  not being able to say no to others, with moving too fast, with carrying anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and shame in your body for years, holding on to events from the past, and perhaps not being unable to forgive others and yourself…

The hot water you’re sitting in is often full of negative emotions that get trapped in the body.

So one simple way to tell if you’re in hot water or not is to take a moment, and check in with your body.

How does it feel? Maybe feel into your neck and shoulders, roll them around a little. Is there any tension or pain there? Is your back tight and sore? Are you dealing with some pain that just won’t heal? Have you accepted a level of pain in your body that you’ve simply just gotten used to?  What if there was a way to get rid of this pain once and for all?

People have often had pain for so long, they just decide to live with it, day in and day out.  Why?  Holding onto it will only damage your body, mind and spirit.  One technique that can help is time line therapy(R).  as well as using the pain paradigm to bring to conscious awareness what your feeling now….  we are so caught up in our everyday business and tasks that we don’t allow ourselves to feel anything, we dissociate from our feelings and emotions, pushing them down with alcohol, food, drugs, TV, Facebook, or other….

If its time to get out of the hot water, learn to heal your body and your mind… you may want to look at doing a breakthrough coaching session 6 to 8 hours of NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy techniques combined….

If you are 20lbs or more overweight and want to get to a healthy weight, my 12 week W-Loss Made Easy Program might be the right fit for you.  You may be eligible for 80% reimbursement!  Connect with me for an assessment and consultation to see if you are the right fit for this program!

To your Health, Results and Success!  I’m Lynn Thier, Your Mental Fitness Trainer and Fat Loss Expert!

Lynn Thier, RHN

Make losing weight easy with hypnosis!

About:  Lynn Thier will get you there ~ with practical cutting edge methods for making positive shifts & change happen.  Owner of Peak Performance Academy, Lynn teaches and consults on how to get mentally fit in sport, business and life.  Lynn offers seminars, training’s and programs as well as Board Certifications in NLP Coaching, NLP Techniques, Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy(R).



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