Lynn Thier, Peak Performance Academy is the first accredited service provider in NB.  This program is for Canadians!  First step is to have an assessment and consultation done.

How it Works

Weight loss grants assist in defraying the cost of weight loss programs for overweight men and women who have expressed a supreme desire to lose the excess weight that’s making them feel unhealthy and less energetic.

Once you submit your application, a representative will contact you by telephone to confirm your information and learn more about your weight loss goals.  It will take approximately 1 to 2 business days to process your application once your information is confirmed.

About Us

The Weight Loss Grant Program is operated by the Oral Aesthetic Advocacy Group Inc, (OAAG) a research, information and funding organization founded in 2010 by health care practitioners and industry professionals.

The OAAG began by providing cosmetic dentistry grants ( to people across North America that wanted to improve their smile and overall oral health.  Up to $3 Million in funding subsidies is allocated each year to help people lose weight and take control of their overall health.

The program is open to all Canadian residents that are aged 18 and over as of their application date.
You may use the weight loss company of your choice to lose your weight, provided the company you select is reasonably recognized as a credible operator in the weight loss industry.

Applicant/Recipient Funding Agreement

As an applicant, or potential recipient of a Weight Loss Grant, You agree to the following terms:

   1. You agree that your weight loss program may not consist, or partially consist of any invasive or surgical procedures.

   2. You certify that funds will only be disbursed to You upon verification of your starting weight, and the successful completion and verification of your weight loss goal within the period of time allocated for achieving your goal.
3. You are responsible for informing us of any change or changes to your weight loss program or Service Provider during the period of time between your weigh-in and the commencement of your weight loss program

   4. You must remit your Health and Weight Diagnosis form to us prior to the commencement of your weight loss program.
5. You agree that we may provide your information to authorized Service Providers, co-payers or Sponsors, their respective staff, third-party agents, volunteers or subsidiaries, for the purpose of providing you with referrals or consultations and to communicate with You regarding the status of your application; and/or to perform functions such as weigh-ins and customer service, etc.

6.  If You are awarded a grant, You will write a thank-you letter to us that acknowledges the award. Payments will not be awarded unless/until a thank-you letter is received.

   7.  You agree to allow us to publicize or advertise you and/or your ‘Thank You’ letter to us and the disbursement of funds to You, and to utilize, without limitation, the use of any image or likeness of you already in the public domain, and/or upon request, to provide us with a suitable, current image of you taken after you have achieved your weight loss goal.

   8. You agree to lose a minimum of 20 (twenty) pounds, or 17% (seventeen percent) of your verified weight, whichever is greater.

   9. You consent to receiving email and telephone communications from us or our sponsors.
10. You certify that You are at least 18 years of age.

A SOLUTION for YOU!  W-Loss Made Easy Program

This is a 3 month program – small group that addresses mindset, cravings, emotional eating and much more!  We get to the unconscious mind by way of hypnosis for weight loss, eating healthy, creating healthy habits, increasing metabolism, balancing hormones, motivation to exercise etc.  Each week we dive into a different nutrition topic, lifestyle is addressed and some fun challenges.  We have a private FB group for more interaction, support and education!  Please contact Lynn for your assessment and consultation and lets see if we are a good fit to work together! Click HERE.

Additional meetings and support is available to clients who have more weight to lose and need additional time to lose the weight, example 6 to 12 months to reach their goal weight.

A maintenance program/check in is also available to clients!  Don’t delay, get back to health and feel great!

If you are 20lbs or more overweight and want to get to a healthy weight, my 12 week W-Loss Made Easy Program might be the right fit for you.  You may be eligible for 80% reimbursement!  Connect with me for an assessment and consultation to see if you are the right fit for this program!

To your Health, Results and Success!  I’m Lynn Thier, Your Mental Fitness Trainer and Fat Loss Expert!

Lynn Thier, RHN

Make losing weight easy with hypnosis!

About:  Lynn Thier will get you there ~ with practical cutting edge methods for making positive shifts & change happen.  Owner of Peak Performance Academy, Lynn teaches and consults on how to get mentally fit in sport, business and life.  Lynn offers seminars, training’s and programs as well as Board Certifications in NLP Coaching, NLP Techniques, Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy(R).


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