The big question at some point always comes back to hunger.  How do you handle feeling hungry?
I have a few ways to deal with this. Some days I plan to fast, but I may wake up and feel hungry and on those days I just decide to eat instead and fast the next day. You can always change your schedule


Wait it out

I have found that just having some water or herbal tea (without any sweetener) and keeping myself busy allows me to handle my morning fasts.  Hunger does have a circadian rhythm. The hunger hormone is called ghrelin. This hormone rises and falls in a natural pattern that is low in the morning and higher in the evening. It’s lowest point is typically about 7:50 AM and it’s highest point 12 hours later at 7:50 PM. (During extended fasts the ghrelin hormone declines to a point where after 2 or 3 days hunger disappears.)


Eat plenty of healthy fat

The other thing that makes a difference is making sure you are eating enough fat when you are eating. Fat makes a person satiated and really helps prevent hunger cravings. I will be sending out another email dealing with more specifics of fat. So the days you eat, make sure you are having a good amount of fat, because you will not be as hungry the days you do fast. And the flip side of this is watch out how many carbs you have. If you eat mostly carbs the night before a fast day, you will probably have a harder time fasting because the carbs will not stay with you. Fat will last longer.


Get away from the food

One of the other things I have found helpful is to stay away from food.  I want to make sure I am taking water with me so that I am drinking enough. If you are working, you may find that fasting on a work day is a good choice for you (but not a day when there are lots of snacks or sweets available at your workplace), because you are busy and food is not easily available. Be sure to always plan ahead.

The fear of being hungry is a mental game, not a physical one, for most people.  If you are determined and you want to experience the benefits of intermittent fasting, you can absolutely do it!  Support helps or doing it with other people can also encourage you to stay on task…

Lastly, to help you even more, work with your unconscious mind by using Hypnosis and/Or Time Line Therapy to let go of negative emotions tied to food as well as any limiting beliefs such as “i can’t go without breakfast, Or i can’t lose weight easily”.

To your health, results and success!

Lynn Thier – Your Mental Fitness Trainer & Fat Loss Expert!

Lynn Thier, RHN

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