Do you ever eat too much and then wondered what the hell just happened?  I have, and its not a fun place to be.  The main thing to figure out first is … what Triggered me to unconsciously overeat or binge on that amount of food or even that Type of food (sugar, candy, sweets, or junk foods).?  

A trigger is something that elicits a reaction. Often times, an overreaction because of build up negative emotions over time…So, for instance, you might feel stress, and automatically (and unconsciously) reach for something to eat.

A triggered reaction is different from a purposeful & mindful decision. When we act mindfully with purpose, we assess the situation, we evaluate our choices, we may even ask powerful questions… and then we decide how best to respond.

When we move from autopilot & unconscious reactions and gain awareness, it’s easier to see that eating isn’t going to help with the stress. If we’re not in the heat of the moment, we also have the opportunity to make a plan. Being able to recognize the trigger and having a strategy that addresses the stress (or whatever the trigger is) gives you your power back.

Break overeating patterns by…

  1. Identifying & having awareness of the triggers (I am feeling stressed, depressed, angry, bored right now…) knowing you may reach for unhealthy foods 
  1. Consciously breaking the link between the trigger and the urge to overeat. Automatic and unconscious overeating happens when there’s either a lack of awareness about what’s going on (mindless eating), or, there’s a belief that somehow, food will make you FEEL better, perhaps easing stress, frustration or even numbing yourself.–  When you reset your mindset away from believing that overeating is the answer, everything starts to change.

We create everything, even unconsciously…

and we can choose to Create a Mindset Reset to Re-Wire Overeating & Bingeing Triggers

Our unconscious thoughts guide urges to overeat.

I’m stressed, i need chocolate now!  

I had an awful day, I deserve a pick me up – of cheesecake and wine…

I’m not going to make it through this day without my double double Or triple triple coffee and donuts.

A mindset reset is the deliberate and conscious process of stopping and checking in with your, thoughts, and feelings; taking inventory of your needs; (what do i need or want right now?)  and consciously strategizing what to do next.  What action step can i take to address my needs, wants, desires without food?  

A mindset reset is the process of assessing the situation, evaluating your choices, and then deciding how to respond.

When we’re busy, what we really need is a simple, process to make sure we’re focused on what’s really important and that we have a plan to take care of our needs…

Take a break…

Now set aside ten – fifteen minutes at the start of your day. Use this time, when you’re fresh, to check in with yourself and to anticipate challenges or potential triggers in the day ahead.  I also like to do this in the evening before bed… setting up the next day for success and having an action plan laid out.  You could ask yourself…

  • What are your priorities for the day?  
  • Where might you, or your eating, get side tracked?  
  • How do you want to show up and meet the challenges you’ll face?
  • How can you plan now, so you are less likely to be triggered in the moment?
  • How can you take care of your feelings and needs today in ways that aren’t related to eating?  I always have some herbal tea on hand that i can make and healthy snacks with me “just in case” i am feeling hungry or the need to have a little something… healthy.

Creating a consistency and having a plan will set you up with a mindset for success…  one of the most important acts you can take is to create peace with food and gain the freedom from overeating. End this vicious cycle of being triggered to overeat.

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