It’s Time to Plant Your Garden

 You might be a little like me, i don’t really have a green thumb or  a desire to plant a physical garden however…. when it comes to change and shifting gears, it can be a challenge depending on what programs are running in your unconscious mind!  We tend to hang on to Sh*t for reasons that may be conscious or even unconscious.  Our strategies, habits and patterns serve a purpose and our bodies become addicted to what is familiar.  Whether its good, or not so good!

If you want to shift or change your emotional patterns & responses you must unplug, release the old.  The first step is awareness and even recognizing that these habits, patterns or strategies are not serving you.

This is where your garden comes in…..if you wanted to plant a garden, the first step would be to remove the old, dead growth, the rocks and the leaves that have accumulated over the winter. Raking it all up and getting rid of the old.  Trying to plant new seedlings without cleaning up the debris, would make it difficult for the new seedling to take root.

You have to uproot the old plants and make room for the new. The same is true with your brain.

In order to create healthier brain connections and patterns, you have to “release” the old patterns, habits and behaviors. Here are a few simple steps to re-wire your brain:

  • Write down all the patterns that you want to release and change.
  • Decide what you want to replace those patterns with? If you know what you don’t want, make a big list and then ask yourself, what do i want instead?  Start writing.
  • Choose 1 habit or pattern that you want to change and take 15-30 minutes to visualize yourself uprooting the old habit and replacing it with the new one.  What will you see, hear and feel with the new habit?
  • Visualize it in vivid colors, sounds, tastes, smells, and emotions. See yourself living in that future expectation… Then float into that image and take on all those perspectives.
  • You can also decide to do some hypnosis or time line therapy to release negative emotions at root cause.

Our body and brain are filled with electric circuits that can be re-wired, IF you take the time to do it. Yes, change can be challenging, AND the benefits it brings can literally be so rewarding!

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