What does self-care have to do with overeating?   Quite a bit, actually.  For smart, busy women who often times lack the time to truly care for themselves.  

If you’ve found yourself caught in cycles with overeating or cravings that always come back, or an urge to overeat that keeps tripping you up, chances are you haven’t yet found a way to tackle the real underlying reason that food has power in your life. 

Stress eating, comfort eating, eating from boredom, even eating for pleasure, are all ways we use food to feed other desires, needs and cravings. When you turn to food and you know you’re not physically hungry… ask yourself – what’s missing?  What am i needing right now?  

When the root cause of overeating isn’t addressed, the cravings are never fully satisfied, and they always return.

With hypnosis and Time Line Therapy, we can help you discover that root cause, release negative emotions, limiting beliefs and help you to change your habits easily using the power of your own unconscious mind! 

Some self care tips that you can implement today are… 

1. Learn to say no with ease and grace – It makes it possible to say yes to the stuff that you are trying to fit in!  

2.  Make an effort to get outside every day – Research shows the time spent outdoors is linked to an increase in energy and a heightened sense of well-being.  

3.  Get 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep a night- Chronic sleep deprivation leads to increased appetite, weight gain, lack of focus, and productivity. Sleep and you will feel and BE better! 

4.  Just Laugh!  Laughter has numerous health benefits including lowering stress and improving your immune system. It’s cheap and it’s easy 

5.  Short-circuit stress eating and overwhelm – claim ten minutes at the beginning of your day to get clear on your priorities, identify where to best spend your time and energy, and set your schedule.  Make yourself a priority on your list! 

6.  Collect ways of rewarding and comforting yourself that don’t involve eating – MAKE A HUGE LIST! 

7.  Do one lovely thing for yourself – just for you – each day – It doesn’t have to be anything major, just lovely. When you reward yourself in other ways, rewarding yourself with food becomes less tempting. 

8.  Pre-schedule your self-care When you leave your hair, manicure, or massage appointment, schedule the next one so it’s sure to happen. 

9.  Have fun in your body Move, dance, or stretch in a way that makes you feel alive 

10.  Practice listing three things that went well every day and three things you are proud of Shift your mindset and create more clarity around all the ways you are effective.

To your Health, Results and Success!

Lynn Thier – Your Mental Fitness Trainer & Fat Loss Expert!

Make losing weight easy with hypnosis!

About:  Lynn Thier will get you there ~ with practical cutting edge methods for making positive shifts & change happen.  Owner of Peak Performance Academy, Lynn teaches and consults on how to get mentally fit in sport, business and life.  Lynn offers seminars, training’s and programs as well as Board Certifications in NLP Coaching, NLP Techniques, Hypnosis & Time Line Therapy(R).


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