Did you know that you process over 70,000 thoughts per day! That is on average about 48 thoughts per minute or just about 1 thought every second. As you think your usual thoughts, you create patterns in your brain that either supports you or hinder you. What kind of story are you creating for yourself?

Are you thoughts mainly negative or positive? Do they inspire you or depress you?  What’s your self talk like these days?  Remember that every thought you think goes directly to your unconscious mind…and the body responds to the thoughts that you think.   

Every thought you think manufactures a protein that talks to your genes. Your happy thoughts tell your health-promoting genes to turn on. Hooray! But on the flip side, your sad, fearful or stressful thoughts tell your dis-ease promoting genes to turn on as well.

 What can you do to change this? A simple tool that is FREE and easy to do is to meditate. Meditation involves deep breathing while you relax your body and your mind.  Hypnosis is quite similar but not the same… Self hypnosis is normally induced by verbal self suggestion (spoken or in your mind), you may use affirmations, imagination, visualizations to create certain states and to help change habits.  It works from within and similarly, many “guided meditations” videos and audios are mostly a type of self hypnosis or relaxation.

 The Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General in Boston studied the effects of meditation on gene expression. They found that after only 1 meditation, 1561 genes were affected – 874 were up-regulated for health and 687 were down-regulated for stress and inflammation.


People who meditated or use self hypnosis on a regular basis positively

affected 2209 genes in just one sitting!


When you live in a constant state of stress mode, this is telling your body that you are barely surviving – that your wheels are spinning. Meditation & Self Hypnosis is simple and easy to do. The most difficult thing to do is making the time for it – taking the time for you.  Give yourself the gift and commit today to taking 15 minutes every day, to turn on those happy hormones, which will turn on your health promoting genes too! 

Want to learn how to do self hypnosis?  Its easy ~ i’ll teach you techniques you can do anytime, anywhere without having to go to a dark room for 45 minutes! 

Self Hypnosis Seminar is just $39.00 and is Sunday July 8th at 1pm  Please register in advance by contacting me here!

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