I believe many in this group (our FB Weight Release Group) are mothers with children at home. And many of you are wives with husbands who don’t fix their own food.  We are not putting our families on a fast with us. So how should we handle this issue?

I admit this is one of the trickiest challenges for me with fasting. It is much easier to fast if you are not handling or seeing food. The sight and smell of food is much more likely to trigger the desire to eat and often some hunger pangs.
I have some suggestions and would love to hear from anyone who has navigated this and come up with their own solutions.

Tips for fasting with a family

1. If at all possibly prepare the family ahead of time to do some of their own food preparation. Kids can learn early how to prepare and make their own breakfasts, lunches… You can keep homemade granola on hand and yogurt so that is an easy option for breakfast as is oatmeal and fruit.  I often times make up quiche using muffin tins and its easy for kids to warm up in a flash.  Lunch is often leftovers, wraps, or sandwiches and again this is something they can prepare themselves if they are old enough.

2.Fast on days when you are busy and out of the house. I find it is easiest to fast when I am not home. If i’m busy, my mind is on other things

3. If you work full time fasting can be easier at your workplace than at home, because you don’t have access to your fridge while at work. Some offices are well known for having sweets and snacks around, which can be tough.  You could always ask for the snacks to be kept in a different spot that is much further from your desk and less likely that you will go by it.

4. If you have small kids you will still need to feed them. This can be simplified by figuring out the day before what food you will give them. If it is prepared ahead of time, that means less time in the kitchen around food and less temptation for you. These are also not days to be making treats for the family.  No baking chocolate chip cookies on fast days – (Remember if you are breastfeeding or pregnant you should not be fasting at this point.) It is also important that you explain to your kids why you are fasting. for your health. If they want to join you, you can have them fast from a specific unhealthy food, like sugar or chips. This builds the concept of self control.

5.  Remind yourself of why you are doing this? Keeping the vision in front of us makes a difference when we struggle and want to give in.

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