One of the first steps I take with clients is to help them become “consciously aware”, of what real, true hunger is and help them become aware of the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger.  Have you ever felt so hungry that you were nauseated, light headed, and feeling just weak?  On the other hand, have you felt so full, stuffed that if you ate one more bite you might bring it all up?

Real hunger is brought on by a true need for food and develops gradually over time. • With real hunger, you feel a need to eat, but not necessarily any one particular food. Any food that you like that is available will satisfy your hunger, and you won’t feel guilty after you finish eating.

Physical hunger builds gradually and gets stronger over time, while head hunger comes on suddenly and needs immediate satisfaction. Physical hunger ends when you eat but head hunger might disappear if you distract yourself.

• Physical hunger is always in the body, not the head. • If you think you feel hungry below the neck, it is actually hunger, knocking on your door. For clarity, if it is coming from the mouth or the head, it is a craving and not a physical hunger.

• Physiological hunger starts to occur about two to four hours after your last meal. Symptoms include an empty or rumbling feeling in your stomach. If you ignore this signal you body then sends you a stronger signal in the form of a headache, dizziness or lightheadedness. This type of hunger is your body’s way of telling you it is time to eat some nutrients.

A simple way to look at the two types of hunger is to use the Hunger and Satiety Rating Scale. It can help your client to identify what type of hunger they are experiencing. (This scale is often used to help bariatric surgery patients)

1=Starving, dizzy, irritable 2=Very hungry, unable to concentrate 3=Beginning signals of hunger 4=Increased physical cues of hungry are becoming intense 5=Content, neither full nor hungry 6=Comfortably full, you are satisfied 7=You are full, you feel as though you possibly should have eaten a little less 8=Uncomfortably full, you are stuffed 9=Very uncomfortable, you regret having eaten so much 10=Stuffed to the point of feeling sick

An exercise you can do is to remember a time when you were totally famished, so hungry, bring the feelings into your body and then swing the opposite way and remember a time when you were totally stuffed, so full that you were at the point of feeling sick.  Swing back and forth between these 2 extremes about 5 times and do it once a day.  You’ll notice that you will become more aware of what your body is telling you.  Pay attention to these signals.

I tell clients to ask themselves questions to help them develop healthy habits.

These 4 Questions are:

Habit number 1 is to ask yourself, AM i physically Hungry?  Or do i need love, attention, a hobby or something else? What need is missing in my life that i want to eat?  Eat when you are truly physically hungry and have a glass of water first to make sure you are not just thirsty!

Habit number 2 is eat what you enjoy – within reason as there are plenty of healthy foods to enjoy.  If you hate Brussel sprouts like i do, don’t eat them.  Its not about forcing yourself to eat foods you hate, that will not last.  its also not about restricting all other foods either.  If you LOVE chocolate, and i tell you that you’ll never be able to eat it again, how long will that last?   This is why so many Diets fail because of the restrictions.  98% of diets fail, when you use willpower alone!

In step number 2, I go a step beyond and get my clients to ask themselves this question.  “Is this food i’m about to eat bringing me towards or away from my goals?”  This is a powerful question because your unconscious mind will let you know.

Habit number 3 is to eat consciously and mindfully.  What does that mean exactly?  Slow down, way down and eat without distractions.  Take time at the dinning room table to eat without the TV, cell phone or computer near by.  Really taste and enjoy your food slowly which will also help with digestion.

Habit number 4 is to stop eating when you feel satisfied but not full.  Are you a clean plate club member?  Growing up we had to eat what was in front of us before we could leave the table.  Know that you can leave a little bit of food on your plate which will also send a signal to the unconscious mind that you are in complete control around food.  You can save it for later for when you are truly physically hungry!

If you follow these golden steps and practice them consciously for about 2 to 3 weeks, they will begin to be unconscious behaviors.  If all you do is these steps, you will see a difference in your waistline.  My goal for you is to find success, do what’s right for your body and mind.

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