Go the extra Mile…

On Sundays, prepare yourself for the week… plan ahead what you’ll wear tomorrow, make sure to have your laundry and groceries done, and if your anything like me, i like to have some meals prepared.  Do a little meal prep to help yourself out, you’ll save time and eat a heck of a lot better than if you didn’t.  Give yourslef the gift of an early bedtime routine – perhaps a bubble bath is in order before heading to bed or getting into some cozy PJ’s.

Have a hit list.

Having a list of five or so action items to complete during the week will help you feel in control and focused on Monday morning.  Take a few minutes and ask yourself – What do you need to complete? Who do you want to see or reach out to? What’s lingering and do you need any reminders? Creating a short list of what will make your week satisfying helps you stay on track. Being proactive feels powerful; being reactive feels like shit!

Have some Monday fun!

Make Monday the new Friday – schedule yourself to have a movie night or dinner with friends?  Why not feel great all week and not just “wait for the weekend”.

Make a change!

If your Monday feels unbearable, maybe its time for a change.  Maybe you need a vacation or to look for a new job, or a side biz?  Do something creative or fun?  Ask yourself – What kind of life do i really want?  What’s missing?  What would i love to be doing?  Mondays can become bearable, even fantastic if you choose for them to be :)

Remember, your happiness isn’t dictated by your calendar… its determined by YOU!  Go have some fun!

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