We experience emotional distress in all sorts of ways, as sadness, hurt, fears, anxiety, addictions, unproductive obsessions, unwanted compulsions, repetitive self-sabotaging behaviors, physical ailments, boredom, and as all sorts of angry, bleak, and agitated moods.

What helps a person to heal?  The mental health system says that the following two things help the most: drugs and talk therapy. Setting those two aside, what else helps?

Releasing trapped emotions often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage, emotional distress, and recurring relationship difficulties. … This can be done using the emotion code and time line therapy techniques.  You can also follow some of the following tips to help you now…

BE YOU – This means asking for what you want, setting healthy boundaries, having your own beliefs and opinions, standing up for your values, saying what’s on your mind without judgement.

 Love and be loved – Part of our nature requires solitude, alone time.  We feel happier, warmer and better, live longer, and experience life as more meaningful if we love and let ourselves be loved. We must be individuals but we must also relate. To do both, to both be ourselves and relate, requires that we acknowledge the reality of others, include others in our plans, not only speak but listen.  Connection is key to happiness, love and life.

Get a grip on your mind – Nothing causes more emotional distress than the thoughts we think. We must do a better job than we usually do of identifying the thoughts that don’t serve us, disputing them and demanding that they go away, and substituting more useful thoughts. Thinking thoughts that do not serve you is the equivalent of serving yourself up emotional distress. Only you can get a grip on your own mind; if you won’t do that work, you will live in distress.

Let go and forgive the past – We are not so completely in control of our being that we can prevent past sore points from returning. We can try to exorcise the past by not playing along with our human tendency to wallow there. We must tell ourselves to move on and mean it. If you have a secret attachment to misery, you will feel miserable. As best you can, imperfectly but with real energy, let go of the past.  Forgive yourself and others for past mistakes and hurts, move forward, its the only way you’re going.

Flip the anxiety switch off – Anxiety ruins our equilibrium, colors our mood, and makes all the already hard tasks of living that much harder. There are many anxiety management strategies you might want to try—breathing techniques, cognitive techniques, relaxation techniques, time line therapy technique for releasing anxiety is one of the easiest to use, anytime, anywhere—Anxiety is a signal from your unconscious mind that you are focusing on what you don’t want.  Ask yourself, what do i want instead and focus soely on that!

Here is a video of Dr. Bradly Nelson explaining the Emotion Code!

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