Retraining your brain to think and to feel differently about food is as important as what you eat when it comes to successful dieting. You can’t successfully change your diet without also changing your thinking because every habit of action is run by a habit of thought.

This means that if your habit of thought is ‘Chocolate or cookies always makes me feel better,’ then your habit of action will be putting chocolate or cookies in your mouth every time you feel sad, bored, lonely or stressed and under pressure.  Trying to give up the habit of action cannot work while you are thinking the same thoughts, but once you change the habit of thought the action changes too, then losing and maintaining the weight loss becomes much easier.

Vegetarians don’t have to fight with themselves to resist bacon or burgers as their habit of thought says, ‘I can’t and don’t eat animals’. Take a few minutes to think about how you think and describe food to yourself because harnessing the power of positive thinking will motivate you and help you stick to your diet.

For instance, when you are at the checkout looking at chocolate bars called ‘Celebration’ or ‘Divine’ remind yourself that putting large amounts of sugar into your body is neither divine nor a celebration, it’s just a form of manipulation that you can ignore by saying ‘Sugar is not a treat for my body. It’s punishment. I am choosing to treat myself and reward myself with better things.’

Here are some examples of typical negative diet thoughts that cause us to overeat and techniques for positively replacing each thought with a better one, this will help you to succeed at losing weight instead of sabotaging yourself. So, for example:

  1. Negative thought: ‘I feel so fat in these jeans, I may as well give up the diet because I’ll NEVER be slim!’  Think instead: ‘I WILL wear these jeans and feel fantastic. I can do it!   Visualization exercise: looking in the mirror and imagining yourself looking slim and gorgeous in those jeans then keeping those feelings of confidence in your mind afterwards so that you resist junk food by focusing on the reward – looking great in your jeans.
  2. Negative thought: ‘I can’t stick to a diet because my boyfriend has to have cookies and potato chips in the house for his lunch box and I can’t resist them.’ Think instead: ‘I keep all my boyfriends junk food/ lunch box food in a separate high cupboard that I don’t open and soon it will not exist for me. It’s always out of sight and I forget about it.’   Visualization exercise: We eat a whopping 50% more when food is right in front of us so see yourself putting his snacks in an out of reach and forgetting they exist because you don’t see them.
  3. Negative thought: ‘We socialize so much, it’s impossible for me to diet.’ Think instead: ‘famous people socialize almost every day and if they can do it I can. Eating out makes it easier for me. I can choose lean protein, fish and salads and yummy, grilled vegetables and chicken. I don’t need to cook or shop for food and it’s easier.  Visualization exercise: See yourself making the right choices. When you get the menu, you look at the fish and chicken dishes and don’t even glance at the pasta, it empowers you and makes you proud to choose healthy food
  4. Negative thought: ‘I will never be slim, everyone in my family is overweight.’ Think instead: ‘That is because everyone in my family makes the wrong choices. I am the one to change that.’ Visualization exercise: See your family being so impressed with what you have achieved that they want to follow your lead and lose weight just like you have.
  5. Negative thought: ‘I have big bones.’ and my stomach gets hungry often, Think instead: ‘I have a small stomach the size of my fist and I get full very quickly. I remind myself of this every time I eat and I squeeze my fist and feel my stomach getting smaller.’    Visualization exercise: Your stomach is actually quite small, the more you squeeze your fist and remind yourself of this the quicker you feel full and the easier it is for you to eat selectively.
  6. Negative thought: ‘It is too hard to diet when I have to take clients out to lunch all the time.’ Think instead: ‘I choose where to take my clients and I pick healthy places so it’s easy for me to stick to healthy eating.’   Visualization exercise: See yourself being so busy engaging and talking to your clients that you don’t pay much attention to the food.
  7. Negative thought: I can’t afford diet food. My budget is too limiting for the healthy foods’ Think instead: I take my own food to work like egg and tuna fish pitas or salads, chicken and fruit.’   Visualization exercise: See how much money you are saving now you don’t buy snacks and lattes. You have more money to buy healthy, delicious food and then the inexpensive clothes you have always wanted and you look amazing in them. You are saving money, losing weight and looking great!
  8.  Negative thought: ‘I have ruined my diet eating those cookies. I am so weak, I can’t say no to my favorite foods.’ Think instead:  its ok to enjoy my favorite foods occasionally, i always have a strategy in place where i can enjoy food and still shed the weight that i want.  Visualization exercise: Visualize yourself looking amazing in your jeans or on the beach, always knowing that you have another day to eat healthy.

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