What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a healing modality, discovered/created by Dr. Bradley Nelson , using tools from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to release emotional baggage trapped within our energy field and get rid of false negative programs within our unconscious mind that prevents us from the greatest level healing.

All humans and animals have an energy body, a physical body, and an emotional body (physical, nonphysical, and metaphysical; energy, matter, and antimatter). These aspects of ourselves work together to maintain optimal health. However, it’s inevitable in the world we live in, that things happen that are out of our control. You lose your job or a close family member, maybe a friend says something mean, you lose a loved one, are rejected by a classmate or were bullied at school.  Animals also may have been abandoned, abused, fearful etc…

Many life events trigger emotions and we feel such things as abandonment, anger, jealousy, lost, anxiety, hopelessness, lack of control, etc. If we do not process these emotions properly they can become trapped within our energy body/field. Each emotion is connected to a specific organ system. See chart below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 9.14.45 AM

As more and more emotions get trapped, it creates an increasingly larger lump within the energy field of the specific organ, creating stagnation in the flow of Qi (ch-ee, life energy) that eventually leads to problems and major health issues. Who hasn’t had things happen in their lives to create emotional baggage?  We then carry that baggage with us and into our careers, & relationships which can create a lot of problems in the Now….

Trapped emotions within the body are similar to hair and debris in a clogged drain. As the debris and hair pile up, the drain slowly becomes blocked and the water is not able to flow smoothly down the drain and it will continue to get worse until you do maintenance and unclog the sink. When you have a clogged, or stuck, Qi flow in your energy body it begins to throw off the balance of your systems and because your energy and physical body work so closely together (yin and yang) once the energy body is off balance your physical body soon follows. This is where aches, pains, and small discomforts within the body comes from. Your body is simply trying to communicate to you what is wrong on an emotional/energetic level. So by removing these trapped emotions, you are essentially and metaphorically unclogging the drain and allowing water to flow smoothly so that the sink can be cleaned and function properly again.

An important thing to remember is: just like a healthy diet and frequent exercise keeps your body strong and healthy, proper and frequent maintenance of your energy and emotional body is just as crucial to your health. The Emotion code is a powerful and simple way to read and eliminate unseen baggage called trapped emotions and releasing trapped emotions often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage, and recurring relationship difficulties.

Amazing Horse Stories by Dr. Bradley Nelson

Our children were taking riding lessons at a local equestrian park and we ended up treating the owner’s horses for trapped emotions. The owner tells the story here:

I have been involved with horse training and riding since I was fourteen years old. I now own and operate an equestrian facility. I regularly compete in National Reining Horse Association events around the country with my horses.

I met Dr. Nelson and his wife, Jean a year or so ago, and have been privileged to have the two of them work on some of my horses, with amazing results, and I would like to share with you what I have seen.

All my horses are quarter horses, and are considered working cattle horses. One of my favorite horses is Newt. He is now 14 years old, and has been retired for 5 years, which is very unusual for a horse, but Newt has some problems. About 10 years ago, Newt slept on an anthill, and was bitten repeatedly by ants in a large area of skin over his left hind-quarter. Within a few days, all the hair fell out of that area, and he never really recovered from it. Although the hair grew back, I quit showing him about 6 or 7 years ago, as he just couldn’t perform any more, and it was obvious to me that he was in pain. His energy level was very low, and it seemed that he was suddenly old before his time. Over the last five years he has been totally retired, but I have been taking him out about twice a year to work him just a bit, just to give him something to do.

Over the years I have had vets look at him, chiropractors, and even tried shock therapy, but nothing worked at all. Newt is a very valuable horse. Both of his grandparents were from DocBarr twice, from both mother and father. DocBarr is a very famous quarter horse. His mother’s lineage is in the top 5 reining and cow-horses in the country.

As Dr. Nelson and Jean worked on Newt, they told me that he was suffering from trapped emotions. Specifically, he had lack of control and nervousness from around age 2. This dated back to before I had him, when he had been worked too hard and too aggressively by his former owner/trainer. They said he had some sort of disconnection going on in the left hindquarter, dating back to the ant bites as well.

Since Dr. Nelson and his wife worked on him, (he had a total of one treatment that lasted about 30 minutes) Newt is like a new horse. In fact, it’s like he has suddenly gone back to where he was when he was a four-year-old. I can now use him to rope cattle, which puts a lot of strain on the horse’s back, with no problem. I can rein him and put him through all his paces, and he performs at the top of his game. It’s amazing to me how he acts now. He is full of energy, and wants to play all the time. After being retired and unable to do much of anything at all for many years, Newt is brand-new.

Another horse of mine I call Buck. He is probably the best horse I have, and is a beautiful little buckskin quarter horse. I got him three months ago. From the very beginning, he was suffering from a severe lack of energy and trust, and had no desire to do anything. He didn’t want to work. I happen to know how he was trained, and it was way too aggressive, to put it kindly. My observation is that you can get a horse to perform with that kind of harsh training for about a year, and then you are all done, because the horse finally says, “You can hurt me all you want, and I just don’t care anymore. I’m done.”

Well, Buck had reached that point, and he was done. He hated his life, hated his job, and hated people, because they had mistreated him so much. Dr. Nelson and his wife checked him out, and found trapped emotions of hatred at age 3 (he felt that the trainer hated him), depression at age 3, and other emotions of overwhelmed, panic, and feeling taken for granted.

Since then, Buck has changed in a big way. His cadence has changed, he is much smoother to ride, and feels much more relaxed, which is how he should feel to me when I ride him. In addition, he is no longer afraid of people, and much less guarded. He is now a normal horse in all those aspects, he loves to work now, and is full of energy. It’s really amazing. He is like a new horse.

Last month, I took Buck to the NHRA show, where he took 3rd out of 30 head in the stallion class event, and 3rd in the trainer horse event. I am happy to say that he beat his old trainer’s best by five points at this show. Training by instilling fear might work for a while, but trust lasts forever.

I’m not sure how Dr. Nelson’s method works, but I am absolutely convinced that trapped emotions are real. It is truly amazing to see this process done and to see the results that are obtained. Without Dr. Nelson knowing anything about a horse’s history, the emotions and things that come up are exactly right on.

I have seen this method work, and I can see and feel the results in my horses. When I try to describe it to people they say it sounds like Voodoo. All I know is, it works, and that’s all I care about.

– Boyd Roundy, Utah

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