AS a child, were you ever nervous starting the new school year?  Did you fret about Common signs of back-to-school stress include crying, headaches and expressing fears about social situations or failing grades. Some stress is normal and to be expected, but when kids exhibit ongoing dread, fear or worry, it can indicate an underlying emotional issue – what Dr. Brad calls “trapped emotions.” Left unresolved, these feelings can have lifelong effects on kids, studies show.

When these negative emotions are identified and released from the body, it can help kids shift out of fear of starting school or a new grade, stop worrying about an upsetting past incident at school or school performance, and be more relaxed, confident and happy at school.

“Children that have stressful and difficult lives are certain to have trapped emotions, but any child can have trapped emotions, no matter how much love they receive or how favorable their home environment may be,” Dr. Brad says. “I can’t express how gratifying it can be to free little children from the grip of trapped negative energies that have the potential to ravage their young lives.” Dr. Brad

Some of the behaviors or situations kids and teens may benefit from the Emotion Code are:

  • Children or teens who have been bullied or are bullying others
  • High anxiety, sensitivity, or other heightened emotional responses
  • Experiencing the divorce of their parents or are in new blended families
  • Those who have experienced abuse (mental, emotional, physical, sexual)
  • Children who will be or have recently received a vaccine
  • Kids/Teenagers expressing symptoms of ADHD, ODD or OCD
  • Self-esteem issues or social issues
  • Children/teens who are struggling with body image issues
  • Children with a chronic illness or other physical dis-ease

Even children who aren’t suffering from any imbalances can benefit from releasing trapped emotions with the Emotion Code.

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