September is National Suicide Prevention month. Preventing suicide does not happen by offering simple sayings such as  “You should be grateful”,or by saying comments like: “It’s wrong”, “It’s selfish”, .. Suicide and suicidal thoughts are a response to incredible pain. The pain seems unending to the person experiencing it.

When i was 15 years old, i had thoughts of suicide and a suicide attemoverdosed on pills, drugs and alcohol to the point that I wasn’t  responsive when my sister came into my room late at night.  She drove me to the hospital where my mother was a nurse on psychiatry.  Guilt, shame, a sense of hopelessness & disconnectedness overwhelmed me.  And one social worker who took me under her wing helped me greatly.

Some people experience recurrent thoughts of suicide. Coming up with a plan to manage these thoughts is essential …The pain must be addressed and a safety net put in place.  Let’s work together to increase understanding of suicidal ideation (thoughts of suicide), general empathy for each other, and reduce the stigma that can get in the way of people asking for help.

Dealing with suicidal thoughts

Suicide thoughts are tricky, for some people, it’s not like you really want to die, you just can’t go on living the life that you have and you don’t see a way out. It can be very hard to see the light when you are too deep in that dark well, feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, feeling like you are stuck… even when others extend a rope to save you, there is little energy to make it out.

For some people, they live with thoughts of suicide and often think they would be better off dead…  It’s something so many people live with and it’s a voice in their head that they cannot seem to tune out, a voice I use to have in my own head, as a teenager and young adult.

Take Care of Your Own Mental Health

As we work to help others, we must remember to take time for ourselves. Make sure that you’re regularly using resources such as the Canadian Mental Health Association and Services with Addictions and Mental Health.

I also encourage you to learn and know the five signs of emotional distress (personality change, agitation, withdrawal, poor self care, hopelessness).

And learn the healthy habits of emotional well-being – Take Care (eat well, sleep well, exercise)  Check-In (with family, friends, professionals), Engage (positive healthy relationships), Relax (baths, garden, yoga, sing, dance, love)

Prioritize yourself and learn to say no if you need to

Learning your limits and removing stressors when you can is helpful. If you need to cancel some plans or have a few days to do nothing on either side of an event, do it. Life can be hard and we do not need to make it harder for ourselves. Learn what you can control and what you can’t – let go of what’s not in your control.  This is something I remind myself often.

Your happiness and safety are what’s most important. When you feel overwhelmed, that’s your body giving you warning signs; listen to them. You are not a robot, you have feelings and thoughts and you need rest.

It’s Never Too Late to Act

Action drives change. Continuing to educate ourselves and starting conversations with others about suicide prevention and available mental health resources is the first step. For those suffering, suicide may feel like the only answer. But hope should not be lost. By taking action—large and small—we can positively impact the lives of those in need and potentially save a life.

My hope for the future

My hope one day is that we’ll live in a world where there is no stigma attached to suicide or mental health issues and people are open, supportive and non judgmental.  Reach out to the mental health services in your community!

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To Your Health, Results and Success!

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