Did you know that 45 percent of your behavior is automatic and beyond your conscious awareness?

Automaticity is an automatic response pattern or habit. It is usually the result of learning, repetition, and practice.

Once a habit is formed, it doesn’t matter how hard you try. You can use all of your might and all of your will—your habits continue to determine your actions. Hypnosis is unquestionably a reliable way to change.

You may have the intention to eat healthily and exercise, but you’ll reach for the chocolate bar. It’s the same with many behaviors. We can become helpless against our formed habits. You’ll sit on the couch, and you know you need to get moving, but there are a million justifications so you’ll do it tomorrow… Or will you?

It’s a fact, you just can’t help it. It’s likely you know what to change, but most people don’t know how to change.  Your unconscious mind is so very powerful that if you begin to tap into it – the changes you want can come to you more easily.

Our specialized program, Gastric Band Hypnosis uses hypnosis to condition the un-conscious mind into believing that a band has been placed around the top portion of the stomach in order to create a small stomach pouch thus reducing the amount of food that one needs to eat in order to feel full. And, because it’s not a diet, you won’t feel deprived, miserable or hungry, which are the issues that usually cause diets to fail.

Who is VGB good for?

Anyone can use the technique – There is no limitation on size, if you struggling to lose those last 20 pounds, this program can also be done for you.  however; usually highly overweight people use it. People who have been turned down for the surgery, people who have had the surgery and for whatever reason it hasn’t given them the weight loss they thought it would.

**Clients with more than 20lbs to lose or 17% of their body weight, whichever is greater – will also qualify for the W-Loss Grant Program where they will be reimbursed 80% of the costs upon reaching their goals.

Virtual Gastric Band protocol uses the strategy of speaking directly to the unconscious mind and convincing it that it has the physical gastric banding surgery. From that point forward, the interference and thoughts of food that will fade away, enabling you to be able to lose weight and continue to maintain your slimness goal.

Never give up hope-There is a way

You can achieve your health and weight loss goals without giving up your favorite foods.  This innovative, non-surgical procedure can help you to eat less and lose weight safely and gradually without discomfort.  Hypnosis can help you change and transform your life for good.

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About:  Lynn Thier will get you there ~ with practical cutting edge methods for making positive shifts & change happen.  Owner of Peak Performance Academy, Lynn teaches and consults on how to get mentally fit in sport, business and life.  Lynn specializes in helping people release and shed unwanted weight – physical, emotional and mental weight that is holding them back or making them feel stuck in life.

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