1)   Avoid Sugar:  Avoid sugar as much as possible and stick to a lower carbohydrate diet to improve your vitamin C levels

2)  Use Vitamin C:  Load up on high quality vitamin C that also contains bioflavonoids with it to prevent illness – 1-2 grams per day is great for supplementation.

3)  Vitamin C Rich Foods:  Use low sugar whole food forms of vitamin C such as bell peppers, broccoli, lemon, lime, & green leafy veggies as much as possible to support your vitamin C levels.

4)  Intermittent Fasting:  Combining intermittent fasting with vitamin C supplementation and lemon water can be of great benefit for improving blood sugar regulation and immunity.

5)  Boost Glutathione:  I have many of my clients boost their glutathione levels through natural stategies and key supplements.  Glutathione helps to recycle vitamin C and it may be more important as a supplement than vitamin C, although vitamin C can be of great benefit.

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