More women across the country are losing weight – and keeping it off – with help of a psychological technique called neuro linguistic programming. Here’s how you can use this simple method to melt away the pounds – and leave dieting behind forever!

The story of Alexa –

Sitting at the kitchen table on a cold winter night, I reached for my fifth cookie and shoved it into my mouth, barely tasting it. As I replayed the recent events in my life – separating from my husband, selling our home and moving into a one-bedroom apartment with my three young children – I was filled with despair. “What’s going to become of us?” I asked myself.  Not knowing the answer depressed me.

And as my depression and panic grew, I searched the kitchen for something else to eat. Finding the bag of chips that I bought that morning, I tore it open and started eating with abandon. “Why don’t you stop stuffing yourself?” I scolded myself, pushing another chip into my mouth, I felt my life was out of control. I felt powerless over what I ate. I tried diet after diet to get myself back into the 120 pounds I weighed on my wedding day.

At 5’2″, I was horrified that I weighed more than 165 pounds. It didn’t matter that I’d recently given birth, I became obsessed with losing weight. I counted the calories of every morsel of food and weighed myself a half-dozen times a day.

But instead of helping me, it made me crave more food. Then, whenever I cheated, which was often, I was so disgusted with myself that I’d eat twice as much. Desperate to lose weight…

What technique helped her?  – Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is the science of the effect of language, both verbal and non-verbal, on the brain and nervous system. NLP used visualization to help people “re-program” their brains and the way they think about things. And once they learn to do that, they can change their behavior and cure bad habits. we can sometimes be our own worst enemies just by how we view ourselves,

Tips for you to use now!

1. An extremely powerful tool is to “future pace” yourself into already having completed the weight loss. To step into that spot as if you already reached your weight loss goal. What specifically will you feel, hear and see at that moment in time? You experience this associated, meaning looking through your own eyes.

2. If you are going to seek an inspiration for weight loss, pick a true model of excellence! It is best to find someone who not only claims to have mastery in motivational or coaching tools, but someone who has done it OR looks the part.

3. How will your success with completing your weight loss goal impact your life?  Write it all out.

4. How will it impact others around you?  Family, Kids, Friends, Workplace.?

5. What are your values? Isn’t having a healthy body a part of living a life, which is true to your values? Weight loss using NLP will accomplish this.Ask yourself, what’s important to me about my health and specifically about losing weight?  make a big list and then we always make sure you are using toward language – not away from.  list what you want – never what you don’t want!

6. Understand the positive intention behind overeating or moving too little. (Unconsciously, the unconscious mind may be protecting you from something, could be from childhood – deeper rooted emotion hurt – time line therapy and emotion code can help with this!)  If these things were to bring you something positive, what would that be? For instance, would you be rewarded with comfort? Fun? Freedom? What are some other ways for you to achieve this rather than overeating or moving too little?

7. What are triggers (anchors) in your environment that cause you to eat?  MAKE A LIST

8. Who is stopping you from completing your goal? Be honest.

9. What is the first step? Do that this week! Using NLP for weight loss are among the best tools you can use to set up your mind!

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