Friday Fun Facts: Did you know…there must be willingness on the part of the person to be hypnotized. A common misconception with hypnosis is that you relinquish control when in a hypnotic trance. The truth is that in a trance state you are taking back control; you are aware of everything said to you and you can easily accept or reject any suggestion given to you.
Most Hypnotherapy sessions take people into a light to medium depth trance, whereby they are in a state of deep mental and physical relaxation but still fully aware of their surroundings. The hypnotic trance state is commonly defined by the various brainwave states.
In 1929 Hans Berger used an EEG Machine to discover that when a person’s eyes were closed, the brain generated regular waves in the 8 to 12 cycles per second (cps) range. He labelled these brain waves Alpha Waves. Subsequently, other types of waves were discovered and labelled Theta, Beta and Delta. These brain waves have been found to correlate to various mental functions, including hypnosis and psychic experience. Experts generally agree on these brain waves and their purpose but they disagree on the exact boundaries of each kind of wave. One expert will define alpha as 8 to 12 cps; another as 7 – 14 cps, and so forth. The next four sentences present the general consensus concerning these brain waves.
Beta (13-30 Hz): Normal state of alertness, waking consciousness
Alpha (8-12 Hz): State of light relaxation, state of super learning, positive thinking
Theta (4-7 Hz): Deep relaxation, meditation, increased memory and focus
Delta (1-3 Hz): Deep sleep, lucid dreaming, increased immune functions
An easy way to remember this is to think of the word BATTED – beta, alpha, theta and delta.
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In a typical hypnosis session performed by a therapist, the client will be guided into a relaxed state of mind and body through suggestion techniques. When you are in a hypnotic trance state, brainwave cycles will actually slow down and then quicken again when coming out of the trance and back to full consciousness. This also occurs naturally when you go to sleep each night and again when you wake up in the morning. These natural trance states are called the hypnogogic and hypnopompic states.

When we go to bed and wind down before going to sleep, we are likely to be in a low beta state. When we close our eyes and relax, our brainwaves will descend from beta to alpha to theta and finally, when we fall asleep, to delta. The ideal state for absorbing visualizations, suggestions and affirmations is between the alpha and theta states.
Most hypnotic inductions guide the listener into the Alpha state. In this relaxed optimum learning state and with the guidance of a skilled hypnotherapist, you are able to eliminate negative thoughts and patterns of behaviour and replace them with new positive solutions. On some occasions people can go into a very deep somnambulistic trance state (which is like a deep sleep) although they can still accept and act upon any suggestions given to them.
The five stages in a typical hypnotherapy session.
1. The introduction – how hypnosis works, what it is and isn’t
2. The induction – breathing exercises and the guiding into a light trance.
3. The deepening – guiding into deep hypnosis via a count down and other visual cues.
4. The post hypnotic suggestions – i.e, “you will feel more confident in your every day life.”  
5. The awakening – waking up by counting
Conditions that I mainly treat with Hypnosis (and usually combine with emotion code healing and/or time line therapy(R)…
Stress, anxiety, depression, self confidence, self esteem, weight control & gastric band hypnosis… stopping smoking,  public speaking,  pain control & chronic pain (emotion code works best for pain specifically),  sporting performance, business enhancement, money and abundance blocks.
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