Over the next few days, I’m going to walk you through a series of simple steps that you can use to create habits that help, both with stress, and overeating. The goal is to overcome holiday stress and emotional eating challenges, and creating new healthy habits into the New Year!

This challenge is about simple steps – actions and new habits that can have an immediate impact – that feel good. Each week, I’ll be writing an article each day, each containing one action step – one new, do-able habit to put into place. Our goal is to enjoy this final phase of the year, and any holiday experiences you are looking forward to, while you put some great new habits into place.


This weeks challenge is all about making sure you squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of the weeks ahead. There’s a single action step for you at the end – Today’s habit-building challenge for avoiding holiday overwhelm and emotional eating is about savoring. Savoring is often the variable that makes the difference between a wonderful, yummy experience and overindulgence that leaves us unsatisfied, overfull, and frustrated.

When we’re savoring, whether it is savoring family, music or time with people we love, or the special homemade holiday goodies, we are nourishing ourselves. When we aren’t tuned in to savor (because we’re stressed, overwhelmed or multitasking), then we’re just taking in. We’ve shut off the full-sensory pleasure valve (or we’re numb to it).

When we indulge without savoring, we don’t fully taste or enjoy. We tend to keep going past the point of fullness. Whether it’s food or shopping, drinks or Netflix, we’re much more likely to end up tired, worn out, and with a sugar hangover.

Avoiding stress and overeating

Get your schedule and put these must-do experiences on your calendar. Don’t just count on them to happen naturally.

Take time to consider each must on your list, whether it’s an event or a treat you want to fully enjoy. Consider – now – how you can be fully present for these experiences and really savor them.

What will it take to savor your “musts”? Will it require blocking out more time so you don’t have to rush? Planning something in advance? Planning your weekly nutrition and exercise so you are able to indulge a little and savor some treats at holiday gathering? Giving yourself permission to savor instead of feeling guilty? Delegating or saying no to some other things so you have the energy to enjoy what’s important?

Your savoring challenge

I challenge you to take the top three experiences you want to enjoy and savor and come up with one thing you can doask for, or not do that would make the experience even better.!

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