This transformation series is about learning new ways of thinking and being that ease your stress, add to your enjoyment, and help you nourish yourself in ways that don’t involve food. Tackle these daily challenges and see what happens. 

Today, we’re tackling a topic that’s appropriately seasonal – gratitude. Read on to learn more and be sure to take action. Today is all about giving and receiving!

Noticing and gratitude

It’s an incredibly powerful thing to be seen and acknowledged. Having someone look into your eyes and acknowledge your accomplishments, your efforts, and your intentions (and receiving it) is true food for your soul…

Close your eyes now, take a deep breath in and imagine someone you respect telling you that they see the effort you make.

They might say:

“I see how brave you are.”  “I see how hard you work.”  “I notice the effort you make in doing___________”

Most of us, are doing our best.  Unfortunately, during times of stress or increased demands, it’s easy to get focused on what’s “undone” or less-than-perfect rather than what’s been accomplished.  Creating feelings of overwhelm or even failure…

We have this tendency both with others, and with ourselves. Focusing on the undone doesn’t always serve us well. It can be exhausting, it can be demotivating, it robs us of joy and of noticing our accomplishments, and, of course, it can lead to emotional eating and overeating.

Today’s habit-building challenge to avoid all that stress and emotional eating: notice and share gratitude

The challenge today is to notice the positive and share your gratitude toward someone else – at least three times a day. It doesn’t have to be something major. Simply acknowledge their efforts or their intentions.

“I notice that you set the table and I appreciate it.”“I noticed how hard you were working not to let her frustrate you.”“I notice how you always keep your car spotless. It must take a lot of effort.” ”“I notice that in spite of how busy you are, you made my email a priority and it really helped me out.”  Thank you!

I think you will be amazed at how far a little noticing goes. When you acknowledge someone, the impact reverberates. It’s contagious. It lightens the mood and creates a focus on the positive and on possibility. It absolutely reduces stress.

Noticing and receiving gratitude

This part of the challenge might be more difficult, but you deserve some noticing and gratitude too. Your challenge is to notice (and write down) three things that you notice and feel good about, about yourself each day.  I often get clients to ask themselves at the end of the day – What went well today?  

Both parts of the challenge are important. Giving and receiving are both nourishing.

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