The action you’ll be taking today is one that helps with mindless eating and stress and it takes just five minutes.  

You can do this! These small daily actions add up. Each time you practice them, you’re building new self-care muscles,new neurological connections in your mind and creating healthy habits.  Here’s your plan for Session Three – enjoy!

Lower stress and reduce emotional eating: be present

How much of your life do you spend operating (and eating) on autopilot? Its totally unconscious isn’t it?  In a world that encourages us to be constantly plugged in and doing 3, 4 even 5 things at once, slowing down enough to be present can be a challenge – and it’s a skill that is essential to taking control of emotional eating and stress.

Being present, grounded and centered allows us to make choices and to plan and be deliberate.  Being present is what allows us to carefully examine the appetizer tray and decide whether we are hungry and what really looks good.  Assess how you’ll feel after you eat what’s on that tray. 

When we’re stressed or in a rush, we skip that step. Without thinking our hand reaches out, we fill our plate with food, eat it (all) without really tasting, savoring, enjoying it… We don’t register much about the taste, and don’t even think about whether we’re still hungry or whether we’re full until much later.

Avoiding stress and emotional eating – your challenge:

This season, I challenge you to practice slowing down and being present. Make a ritual out of taking five minutes every morning to be present with yourself and to notice.

  1. Notice what’s on your mind. Each day, write down 1 – 3 things that you could do that would relieve the most pressure on your to-do list and set your goal to get those things accomplished.  If your list is 10 things to do – prioritize each item and then notice how you feel after reading through it.  Do you feel overwhelm at 2 items or 4 items?  Cap it to your comfort level.  
  2. Notice how you are feeling. Are you tired? anxious? Sluggish? Excited? If you notice something that could be improved with self-care (such as noticing that you aren’t getting enough sleep or activity), make a plan to start to remedy the situation. This probably isn’t the time to undertake a major life transformation, but you can set the intention of taking a brisk walk on your lunch hour or getting to bed thirty minutes earlier… even listening to a short audio before bed to help with calming the mind and sleep.

Slow down to reduce emotional eating, overeating, and stress

Too often, if we don’t recognize our need for self-care and if we don’t give ourselves permission to slow down, we’ll resort to food and overeating to fill in the gaps.  Being pro-active by allowing yourself some consistent time to slow down will help you take control of stressful situations and minimize emotional eating.

To your Health, Results & Success, I”m Lynn Thier , until next time, Be well!

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